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Oh come now!

As if the arthritis, bursitis, compression fractures, spinal stenosis, and IBS weren't quite enough, I seem to have developed cluster headaches 😢. Only bright side is they don't last as long as the premenopausal migraines, which ran up to three days at a time. This new delight is mostly over within an hour or two. What is the deal with piling on with us? Were we all Nazis or cannibals or God knows what in a previous life? Hoping you all have a relatively easy day of it. Needed to whine.

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Hi sorry to hear of this. Nope we are not any of those you & I but your post and user name made me laugh a little which is always helpful on a bad day.

From what I have read of chronic and intractable pain it can become 'centralised' in the central nervous system (CNS). Headaches in my case have been part of the overal picture and part of the problems, this can also be with the spinal fluid not flowing right in some spinal conditions.

I am no doctor, just go by my own experience & have read the writings of long time intractable pain doctor Dr Forest Tennant & some have made me feel better. He writes about the battle with pain that many good people get sick with the intractable pain.

If your wondering if your pain has become centralised take some of his questionarre's, easily found online - you can google ' arachnoiditis handbook ' if this resonates for you or your interested. It helped me put the pieces together with my gp and specialists last year.

Blurry vision, periods of intense sweating and heat and such other joys are all part of the lot for those of good people with intractable & centralised pain that is effecting central nervous system.

Well thats how I have come to understand it. This has helped me when asking why me when I get another crazy making symptom to add on the list. Thanks for the little laugh & wishing you a low pain day.

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Those symptoms pretty much are me. Will check out the questionnaires. Thank my nephew for the moniker 😁, hoping your day is bearable.

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