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Pain below left rib after gallbladder removal

Hi, I'm new here. I had my gallbladder removed 4/12/17, and have a sharpe pain below my left rib and still get breathless. It was done by keyhole surgery, which I thought was supposed to be quicker recovery. I'm having to sleep propped up as lying on my sides is too painful. Does anybody else have this problem? Most things I read about it, is about pain in right side.

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Hello Nanapenny and you are very welcome.

You said you are getting pain on your left side under ribs? Pain associated with gall bladder pre and post op comes on the right side.

I would suggest you make an appointment to speak with your GP as this could be something totally different

Good Luck



Thank you for your advice. I did wonder if it was something different. I have emphysema so maybe associated with that. It so difficult to see a gp especially with it being new year, seems like everyone needs to see the gp today .

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