Hi.. I'm new here..

Anyone have any advice on how to deal with costachondrisis..


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  • Hi,

    Do you mean costochondritis? Slight difference in spelling and just want to check that's what you mean. I suffer from costochondritis and get flare ups if I'm unwell with asthma or a chest infection or some bug that affects the respiratory system, it can be really horrid as sometimes I find it hurts to breathe when it flares up. The doctors first told me it was muscle strain for years which was annoying, eventually it took a young GP to diagnose it right. As it is caused by inflammation I find naproxen to help which is stronger than ibuprofen and anti-inflammatories don't trigger my asthma. Do you have asthma, if so you may not be able to take anti-inflammatories. Check with your doctor first. If you do have any anti-inflammatories make sure you have something decent to eat first to line the stomach with. I'm not a doctor and don't know if it would be prescribed for costochondritis, just trying to come up with a suggestion, but maybe ask for a short course of prednisolone if it is really bad as steroids help with inflammation and maybe that could be an alternative if you can't have anything like ibuprofen.

    Hope you find something to help.

  • Thanks for your reply..

    My spelling is awful..sorry..

    I have had the condition for a couple of years, and no I'm not asthmatic..I got rushed into hospital originally with a suspected heart attack.. but all was ok with my heart..

    It took 3 days for someone to diagnose the costachondrisis.. I have never really got rid of it..

    I take ibruprofen.. but they do upset my stomach a bit from time to time..

    I am in the middle of a big flare up now..

    I saw a new doctor at the surgery on Monday.. she said I have pnumonia.. lol.. I don't have a lot of confidence in my local GPs..

    I am a normally pretty fit 61year old man.. I work outdoors in the landscaping business.. so the costachondrisis is a real nuisance.. as when you can't breathe it's a little difficult to as I am self employed if I don't work I don't get paid.. I have just come across another condition called intercostal nuralgia.. I actually think my Costa might be this, as it sort of fits in with how I got/did it.. they are very similar..

    Thanks for your reply.. I hope you get better soon..

    Stay safe..

  • Does it hurt if you press any where on your chest including the back? Cause that could be the swelling. Naproxen is a heavy duty NSAID and would help to clear up the inflammation and you could ask for something like omperazole which should help with the stomach, I always have omperazole if I have naproxen due to the risk of stomach ulcers. If is intercostal nuralgia which a quick Google search says is to do with nerves the doctors may look at putting you on a nerve block like pregabalin or gabapentin both which are highly addictive and would mask any problems which might not be nerve related. I was in hospital last year with really bad abdominal pain and they tried both of those nerve blocks with of them made me start imaging things and I was having none of that and a few months later it turn out to be appendicitis which kept on flaring up and was stuck to my abdominal wall with really bad adhesions and I had early stages of acute appendix when they finally removed the appendix and adhesions...they shouldn't have tried to mask the symptoms with a nerve block. Both nerve blocks have been in the news as being highly addictive and over prescribed.

    If you can, maybe change GPs to see if you can find one who is better and if needs be ask for a referal to someone who can help, you might have to fight for it but you have every right to be treated and access the medical treatment you need and not be left in pain especially if it impacts your work.

  • Thanks..

    Im already on gabapentin and tramadol for back problems.. been on both for several years..and yes I am probably addicted to both now.. best thing is that they hardly work anymore.

    I have no swelling and no real pain to the touch..

    Thankfully I am feeling much better today after 5 days of agony..

    I'm seeing a different doctor on Monday so I will talk to him about the meds im on and everything else..

    Thanks for your help..nice to know you're not on your own when these things happen..

    Take care..

  • Oh dear I'm sorry to hear that and with your back hurting as well must make things pretty tough for you. Yeah unfortunately the body does build up a resistance to medication and they become ineffective after a while. Sorry if I sounded judgy with regards to the nerve blocks, didn't mean to cause any offence. Have any one refered you to a pain clinic?

    Good luck with your appointment on Monday, hope all goes well.

  • Ha ha.. no worries.. I'm to long in the tooth to offend..

    I have been having treatment for on my back for 30+years, I've had nearly every proceeded known to

    Unfortunately nothing works that good for that long.. and as I my work is very physical and I am a very physical man I don't expect to find a cure.. hey ho.. day by day.. I try to stay as positive as I can and get on with stuff as best I can..

    However.. from time to time it all goes pear shaped..

    Especially when I get the dreaded costachondrisis and the back problems together..

    But as I said feeling better today.. and having a few days off to aid recovery.. so I'm off over the fields with my dogs for an hour.. get some fresh air.. before anything else goes

    Thanks and

    Take care..

  • Hi to you sounds like your problems are mirroring my own and u an fed up with going round in circles!!! I am on tramadol and gabapentin have fibromyalgia and currently recovering after a spinal fusion l5-s1 three months ago!

    I just do not know which illness is causing which ache and pain it’s really getting me down and just feel no one medical person can look at my issues and give me some guidance ..... so frustrating !!

    Anyway head up keep focused and hopefully things will get better for us all !!!

  • Hey.. you sound strong..

    Keep on keeping on,

    I know it's a struggle but you have to keep fighting..

    Good luck..

    Take care..

  • It really depends what your cause is.

    Emotional stress, weak immune system, heavy lifting, asthma are just a few things that can cause a flare up. Cold air can also cause flare ups so wear scarfs etc.

    I try to avoid highly stressful situations as much as possible as these are when mine is at its worst.

    The heart attack symptoms are what causes panic when a flare up happens so try not to panic when you start feeling that pain. If you can, take a few moments break to take painkillers and just rest.

    Physiotherapy to strengthen your back muscles can sometimes be of benefit so worth talking to your doctor about it, especially if you do a physically demanding job.

    Most of all, know you're not alone. I only got my diagnosis last year after being rushed to hospital with a suspected heart attack. I was told to just take ibuprofen when my flare ups occurred. (I now use naproxen to cope with flare ups).

  • Thanks..

    Mine is caused by heavy lifting and not letting it heal properly I believe..

    Time to be more aware..

    Thanks for all your help..

    Take care..

  • Yes. Important to allow a couple days to heal. I noticed you're self employed- if you do have people working with you get them to help you with the lifting/to do it for you.

    I do a lot of heavy lifting too and having a strengthened back has helped. (Although lately I've had back problems so more chest problems).

  • That's half my problem. My backs about

    If I was horse they would have shot me by now. ..

    At least I know I'm not on my own..

    Take care of yourself..


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  • This is so painful went hospital twice just get sent home they took gall bladder but don’t think it was still get the pain my daughter said it was 2 high pain in back to they did get calcium stones out

  • I know, I don't think they know everything..

    It took a team of doctors 3 days to find out what it was.. and when they did find out,only by chance..

    They sent me home..

    Saying that.. what can you do..

    Take care...

  • It’s agoy and in back