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Metal Rod in femur 2004 due to accident and osteomalacia

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Hi all

I have a burning question. I've had this rod in my leg now since around 2004. I get the odd excruciating side affects of leg pain in my sciatic nerve and the lower vertebra of my spine. I learnt to cope with these episodes over the years but still debilitating in my life.

Now I have never in my life r et had bladder problems I could drink like a fish and hold myself for many mzbyjlurd with no problem.

But since last year I e been getting these unbelievable and unbearable bladder contractions where I'm rushing to the loo from extreme pain with the slightest urine enters my bladder?!

Is it possible that the weak nerves from my metal rod over the years and my deteriorating spinal vertebrae could be now starting to weaken causing the bladder spasms?!! It sure feels like a nerve and my right leg and even the right side of my abdomen in line with my sore spinal vertebrae if I push it slightly it causes a nasty searing electric nerve shock on my abdomen straight down into my bladder and extremities?! Even down my leg too?

I can't fulfil proper dialysis because of the constant pressure pain and unending relentless bladder contractions and urine urgency day and night?

I'm seeing a urologist this week and my kidney doctor has given permission to prescribe solifenacin 5mg. I'm glad but there's no immediate word gfecy it takes a few weeks before it starts. It's good to get on treatment at last after an agonising year!!

But my burning question is could it be the metal rod prodding weakening or damaging my nerves in my leg back and bladder. It all feels like a knock on effect.

I'm doubtful to have it removed as this is stabilising my fracture that won't fully heal as I have osteomalacia.

The frustration is the unknown and the root cause of this embarrassing situation where I have no life anymore at present is of this problem. I can't even travel in a car one due to pain sensitivity even turning a. Ornery ir those damn speed bumps or I have to time any travels due to the itinerary urgency?!!

It's a nightmare and I've been told it's nit kidney related by my renal doctors?!!

So maybe I could get dome views opinions or feedback about my situation but still in the meantime I intend to Persue all medical avenues in the meantime to get a proper diagnosis and treatment and hopefully God Willing get successful and hope to love e semi more independent life. Cos at the moment even tho I havr mobility which I know o have to live with. I could still have a life and get out with private transport but this added bladder problem has buy my life in stagnant position where I'm literally housebound and and at its damn mercy!!! 😡😔.

I'm gonna push as much as I can to get it sorted end fight to claim my life back it's just gonna take time but I'm determined to get there.

To find answers treatment and my independent again

So if anyone had any information about my question I will greatly appreciate you input advice experience or knowledge you may have to answer my question

Thank you if you took the time to read my rant and offload and any response

Gratitude and blessings to you In advance 🙏🏾

💜lilacpeace 💜

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Hi sakina 111 (may have mis-spelt that)!

I have had titanium metal road in my spine for 13 years. I was warned that over time problems would be likely to occur above and below this structure. I have no idea whether the same could be true for your leg. Also titanium in non-magnetic and very strong . Is that the metal in your leg?

I do indeed now have pain above and below this. My understanding in my own case is that if it were considered advisable it would be possible to remove the metal now as it has served its purpose. Forget exactly what was said. But on the face of it I would say that bladder problems would be more likely caused by a serious lower back problem if it is not localised to bladder or kidneys. Not your leg. I am NOT a Doctor though!

Hope you get sorted out soon. Speak to your medical advisor urgently. Please.

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