Im worried sick, just got letter ref tel interview from Local Service Compliance team. Read on internet its normally to do with fraud or maybe someone has reported me for fraud. Could it be for any other reason?

Please help

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  • Don't panic! They sometimes pick people at random to just do a check. If you haven't done anything wrong then this is what it is. Just tell the truth. x

  • Thank u for ypur reply, just so worrying its makes u question everything ur doing x

  • I totally understand how you feel as everything you have to go through with the application form and assessments are stressful enough, all you can do is be as honest as you can be and if they ask you anything just answer the question based on not how you are on that day but on how you are on your worst days and just explain that you can't give them a straight forward response as you condition varies from day to day, that all I've ever done, told them what I might be able to do 1 day I might not be able to do the day or week after, I try and be as honest as I can and tell them there are days when I can manage certain things but days when I can't and can barely get out of bed, but there's no telling when or how long my good or bad episodes will last, which is the absolute truth, as I can be fine when I go to bed but wake up the next day and can barely move and have to have help to even get up and showered and dressed , then spend the day either sat in a chair or led on the bed, it's so frustrating and extremely depressing at times, hope it's nothing to worry about and it goes well for you 👍🏻❤️

  • Thank u so much x

  • Have you phoned them?it might help your stress lvl

  • I called to no avail, left message explaining im worried sick, isnt doing much for my anxiety! Hoping theyll call me back x

  • Ouch , I'm the same, but I'm now in a support group, so I can now rest.

    I only got into the esa support group because I have Dementia plus a lot of other things, RA, DIABETIC, COPD.

    THE DWP are absolutely ruthles,

    I hope you get bullies sorted.


  • It's not bullying but just a part of normal random checks the DWP carry out. As long as the poster has done nothing wrong then there isn't a problem. x

  • Absolutely

  • I can only wish you luck and don't let the b******* grind you down. See if CAB can help. Take care. XX

  • Thank u x

  • Their computer system picks at random people who are on benefits to check they are on the correct amount. Sometimes this can act in your favour as they do make mistakes in calculations and have been known to have underpaid. Good luck with it all.x

  • Thank u x

  • I agree rosewine and you make a good point there. x

  • I've had this. They were checking that I had enough support. It's not always bad ♡

  • I had one and it was just a random check, they wanted to make sure someone wasn't living with me. I live alone. Also checked I didn't have lodgers, more bedrooms than I said I had, that kind of thing.

    Lady who came around was nice n polite.

    Please try not to worry,


  • I'm not sure it's the same thing, but a number of years ago I received a letter from DWP telling me to go and see them. Apparently someone had maliciously and untruthfully accused me of working whilst claiming benefits (DLA). My husband went with me, I am glad to say. (Can you take someone with you?)

    It was a horrible experience. I felt like a criminal and extremely embarrassed as well. My husband keeps all tax returns etc, which was good as It proved I hadn't worked for some time and IAd kept a copy of my claim form.

    I was doing some voluntary work from home, which I could manage as I could work around my disability - and at my own pace.

    They did accept the truth of the situation but I had toiling a statement and go back on another occasion. It was extremely distressing to know that someone who knew me had put me through this. It was also totally humiliating. And the stress and hurt of it was, to put it mildly, not good for my health.

  • Just wanted to add that I really hope it is just a random check in your case, as others have suggested.

  • Me too

  • Omg that is horrendous. There malicious folk out there. I feel for you

  • My husband had been called up and it was to do with myself claiming a personal pension and the tax office informing them, even though it was worked out through child tax credit and me paying tax, is there any money you may have come into but not reported maybe? I phoned in and asked for the interview to be conducted over the phone to speak for my husband and it was granted, gave them the information they wanted by post and haven't heard anything.

  • I am gtn war disablement pension which i have declared to them. I know its hard & stressful, ive had really nice answers but it really doesnt help u stop worrying. I suffer anxiety already, now ive to wait 2 weeks for telephone interview. I do appreciate all your times replying & trying put my mind at rest x

  • I had one of these letters for a telephone local compliance service call. My husband rang the person who was going to make the call as the letter said between 9am and midday and I am not up at 9am. She said it was a random selection and nothing to worry about. It was eventually to do with whether I declared my husbands pension when I started claiming ESA. I had paperwork to prove that I had declared and she accepted my word that it was true. I too suffer anxiety so I do understand how scared you are. Keep trying to get in touch with the person making the call as they may be able to reassure you.

  • Thank u for ur reply & ill try thank u x

  • Let us know how you get on x

  • It was to check if i was gtn rite benefits. Never rains but it poars, my PIP reassessment next. Ive been gtn PIP for 2 yrs, how often does it normally get reviewed? xx

  • Hey guys little update, they called me this morning. It is just random make sure im gtn what im entitled to. Did ask if he could do it now but he couldnt. Told me not worry, i did explain even though hes saying that i will worry until the day arrives.

    Want to thank all u guys for sharing ur stories & ur kind words. Made me realise there are nice genuine folk out there & im not alone. God bless u all xx

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