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Pips interview,advice needed

I have a pips interview this Thursday,any advice would be very appreciated,i have only waited 6 weeks for this,i thought it would take longer,14-16 weeks[is this good or bad?] I have sent photo-copies of my medical note, to the[ DWP],will they know what i'm suffering from at the interview?I have Axial spondyloarthropathy and Osteoarthritis,taking normal meds,i'm also taking Etanercercept[Anti-TNF ]treatment [13 injections so far]I'm 62 years old.Thanks in advance for any help.

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Hi Epos07 just a question on your Assessment is it due to take place in your home or somewhere else , no matter where it is it is advisable to have someone with you . When you returned your pip form did you keep a copy of the answers you put on the form ,Have your prescription to hand not a photocopy and as many letters , reports on your medical condition as possible.just a quick note if you travel to your appointment remember as soon as you arrive they will be assessing you .i hope this helps ,

God luck


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Ilive in London,my Assessment is in Chelmsford[bit of a way],no i didn't keep a note of the answers,but i remember most,i will take my time in answering any questions.I have a lot of medical notes going back to October 2015,when my condition deteriorated.I have a repeat prescription with my notes ready to go.Thanks Taigh for your reply.


When I went the dr who examined me for my assessment had all my paperwork that I had sent in infront of him and he had already read thru it before I went in.

The first part of my assessment was mainly him asking questions that were on his computer and the second half was a physical.

For me the physical side showed him more what I could and couldn't do, in fact he stopped the assesment after I couldn't do one of the things (raise a leg from lying down)

The dr was very nice and polite....wish I could get that long with a regular dr!! I was in there about 20 minutes

I've had 3 assessments, I failed 1 which won at appeal and passed the other 2

Just be honest and focus on what you can't do rather than what you can....I know we all try to achieve something and are proud when we do but this is all about what we can't manage even tho we don't like to focus on that, it's ok to get upset about it.

There are a few questions which they might use to trick you, like how did you get to the assesment....they know how far the bus stop is to the building n how long it should take to walk. They might watch you sitting in the waiting room or how you get up.

Remember this assesment is also to weed out the people who are putting it on and not really ill.....why anyone would think this is a good idea is beyond me, the brown envelopes, the paperwork n assessments.....surely a job would be easier and less stressful!

I wish you lots of luck and try not to worry to much...easier said than done though



Joanne 1972,

Thanks for your reply,i did send you a thank you earlier,can't see it here,but thanks for your reply,will take it all on board.


Hi there, they seem to getting through numbers quicker since this other company came on board and took some of the load from Atoz, in theory the 2 companies are usiing the same training guidelines for staff so it should make any difference which one you get, if you can take an extra set of copies of your nedical reports, i have had assessments at home and at a centre and on both occassions i was asked questions that were already answered in my medical notes, so i gave the assessor a full pack of the 27 pages of my notes, problem being that if it is a home visit they can read anything that you give them but they cannot take any paperwork with them. The questions they ask are related to the form you filled in and so it is s good idea to refresh your mind on what you put on that form especially as things may change. In general they are asking questions related to that information and giving you opportunity to further explain or confirm what you have submitted. I have never had a bad experience at one of these assessments the people conducting them have always been polite and considerate. Very best of luck, please let us know how you think it went a your result when you get it.



Thanks Leonwp,will take all my notes with me,sent a copy of them to the DWP,hoping they've already got a copy when i get there.Will take my time to answering the questions,just be myself,once again thanks for your reply.

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I had my pip assessment at Chelmsford this week it was a very pleasant and friendly experience so much better than my esa assessment. My assessor was a lovely gentleman who had previously been a paramedic for 16 years . I had many mixed emotions I cried I laughed and felt pain on examination. I also expressed my concerns of my esa assessments assessor putting different answers to what I had said . He assured me that he would put exactly what I had said . The centre was pleasant, welcoming and staff very cheerful . So I wish you luck just be yourself and say exactly how it is xx



that's where i'm heading,train from London, did you come from the station?How did get the destination?Good news that the assessor seems friendly.I will say it as it is,i don't know any other way.Thanks again.


If you have a long journey to get there and you go you will not be awarded PIP unless you are brought in by car driven by a carer in a wheelchair looking very distressed. You should not be expected to travel for more than 20 mins. Doctors letters are not helpful because they are taught that doctors will always try to get their patients the best deal.

The outcome is random. You will be going through 2 people who have the power of Caesar and you need 2 thumbs up. It really is random. The best advice is to get approved recording equipment and tell the truth so that you cannot be caught out in the future. Better still is explain why you cannot travel that far because your condition prevents it and you need a closer location or a home visit. There is no perfect solution. If you do anything other than show up on time they will be hostile but if you do show up you have proved you are not disabled. They are not doctors but think they are and it has been proven by many experiments that if small people are given powder it will corrupt them and make them believe they are omnipotent. These assessors can earn over £1000 per week if they hit targets of rejecting claims. The decision makers are another breed. It's not unusual for a report to say a person can only walk a few steps and the DM writes " I have decided you can walk 200 meters unaided and therefore award 0 points". They are changing the title because they have realised what it does to people.

Good luck. Don't let a friendly and sympathetic approach by staff make you too relaxed. I left my assessment with the HP chatting about aspects of my life which she thougt would be challenging, then she lied on every single question in her report so I Went from high rate DLA awarded for life to 0 points for pip. My car was taken a few days later. I had to fire my carer and life is now a nightmare of hard labour. Pain, exhaustion, hunger, cold, poverty and fear because Once the DWP have had a victory over you they try to prove you did not qualify for other benefits and they are relentless


Thanks Ydontjustdie for your reply,

looks like i'm damned if i go and damned if i dont,it looks like to me if i get there in one piece,then i must be ok!! I know there are a lot of cheats out there,making it difficult for genuine people,we all know someone who gets away with it,who checks up on them?They must all go the same Acting school.


Others have given you great advice but just remember to answer all the questions as though it is your worse day. They should go through the questions in the order they were on the form. It is all about how your illnesses affect you rather than what your illnesses are as one person could say have osteo and have hardly any problems and another could hardly be able to get up in the morning. I found that she went over my medication one by one confirming dosages etc even though I had sent in a green repeat prescription form and the very act of being able to remember what they were, diseases etc went against me in that section. I did get the lower rate of care but actually didn't get points we re I expected to but picked up others where I thought I would struggle. There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason about it.

If the physical examination hurts you do say so don't try to be brave and say nothing. Good luck I do hope you get it. Do record it but you must let them know you are going to do that before the assessmentx

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thanks for your reply,my wife is coming with me for support and a extra pair of ears,i'm slightly deaf,yes, hearing aids will be on.I have osteo,and 6 months ago i was diagnosed with As,had some horrendous days,wont forget about them,i'm on anti-TNF treatment,which is wiping me out[had 13 injections so far]hope i fall asleep in the waiting room.Thanks for your reply.


Good luck hope they don't keep you waiting I only had to wait about 10 minutes. She did let my OH speak as my carer so hope your wife will have a chance to explain how your condition affects you and how she has to help. Explain that even with a hearing aid you don't hear very thing so communication can be difficult. Let us know how you get on.x


Lots of good responses thus far so I won't repeat them but do remember that however friendly the assessor appears, he/she is not your friend or 'rooting for you'!!

Be aware that they'll have cameras in the car park, reception & waiting area so will be watching you; how you move around & how you rest! They'll have measured the distance from the waiting room to the assessment room too so be aware of that; they'll write in your report that you 'managed x amount of metres to the assessment room' which could have an impact on the enhanced mobility component. They're supposed to assess the repeatedly, safely etc factors but that seems to be forgotten in a lot of cases; probably in the hope that you'll not appeal if you disagree!!

Don't lie but don't be a hero either!!




Thanks for that,i wont lie,but i will not take any nonsense off of them,it really seems stupid to me that i have to go all the way to Chelmsford,they'll think to themselves, well he's made it this far,we'll start with a minus score.Sorry to be so negative,might perk up a bit by tomorrow.Good point about the measurements.Thanks again,will update when i get any news.


don't hold your breath,even at your age the government are doing their upmost to reduce benefit payments,which unfortunately even people with recognized health conditions aren't taken into account fully,the problem being is that the wording on the forms has made it difficult to score points,and even if you score the odd point here or there it maybe not enough to get you back to your previous DLA payment levels,so if your claim comes back on a lower rate of payments,don't give up! Get your local welfare rights unit on board if you haven't already,there is help out there,make sure you get your point over how you conditions effect you with your pip assessment,don't side track into general conversation,this appointment is for YOUR claim,you'll be asked lots of questions and probably have to di some sort of movement's with your legs,arms etc,and that's a joke in it's self,so be on your guard,do only what you feel comfortable doing and try and take someone who knows you for some support,so good luck with your appointment hopefully you'll keep your payments intact.


Thanks for your reply Cb1963,

I took early retirement over 3 years ago,just had enough of it all after 40 years in the same job,paid over 45 years of NI stamps,i've never claimed a penny,living off a moderate pension.I know,just by reading this forum,how difficult it is to get anything.I stopped taking my meds. 7 days ago,feeling a little bit sorry for myself today,just wanted to see how bad things have got,back on them straight after the interview.Once again thanks for taking the time to reply.


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