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12th rib syndrome???

Anyone know about this? Mum was diagnosed with this a few years ago and barely anything on the internet about 12th rib syndrome (nerve trapped inside 12th rib/floating rib). Nerve block injections not worked. She is taking lots of medication (pregabalin, oromorph etc) physio not making any difference. I don't even know where to look for help any more?? I just can't believe that there is nothing that will stop the pain???

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I'm sorry to hear your poor mum. I too suffer from chronic persistent pain. Although I've not heard of this before, it does sound like something I suffer from on top of pudendal neuralgia I've been diagnosed with, so I really appreciate you posting your question.

I've been struggling with "phantom" rib pain in my lower right side since I was a child & feel like something is in the wrong place there. The pain is intermittent, but more often (sadly) present. When the pain is at it's worse, there is a point on the lowest rib, that if I constantly apply pressure & press... alleviates & makes the pain more bareable.

Does this sound similar please? Thank you in advance for your post.


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This sounds like what I've got. I've done so much research and had so many tests and interventions but no one seems to know what the problem or source of my pain is until I visited a new osteopath yesterday and he mentioned I may have 12th rib adhesion so from there my research led me to read about 12th rib syndrome and for once the symptoms sound just like mine.

I've been on morphine and fentanyl but the pain doesn't go away. I've permanently scarred my back from applying constant heat on it, it's now completely burned on my one side of my back. I have constant spasms and in so much pain that even laying down to sleep is too painful. I haven't had a decent nights sleep for 5 months.

I'm booked in for radio frequency ablation on Thursday but not sure it will work if the right area isn't targeted. Full of worries. And I've been so mistreated by my GP, being constantly palmed off for what they think is 'muscle pain' and sent away with more and more drugs. Being told off by my GP for wasting time and not being believed because they think 'I look well'. I've been left with chronic back pain for 5 months and I'm only 39. It's been debilitating. I'm only now being taken seriously because I'm paying for it privately.


Hi there. I know your post was a while ago but did you get anywhere with the radio frequency? I am still in the same boat with my mum and still on the search for a cure or some relief!!! I know the feeling about being palmed off. My mums consultant said she shouldn’t be using a wheelchair???!!! Errrrm, sorry but if she can’t walk what do you want us to do?!! Shall I carry her everywhere??!!! It’s awful to not be listened to so I hope you have found some support!

Amy xx



Well, initially after the procedure things got progressively worse for about 5 weeks and at that point I though I was doomed and that it was not working but after 5 weeks things started to improve. I would say that it improved things by 50%. I managed to come off the pain killers because of it. I then went on to have cortisone injections 2 months later and that helped a further 20%. I’m still in pain daily and struggle to sleep but I’m far better than what I was.

It’s just that the initial recovery period from the ablation was hell.

Hope this helps and I hope your mother can find some respite


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