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Excruiating pain after 1 mile walk at nerve root below L5s1 fusion with shooting pelvic pain

I cant go walk for exercise as walking motion causes excruiating pain below L5s1 level/ severe pelvic pain. Ive had physical therapy which was gentle as exercise caused excriuating pain at nerve root tail below L5s1fusion level!! I cant sit or walk very long at a time! I lay on ice for 30 minutes at a time!! Doctors wont do anything! Thinking of going to Laser spine institute for 2nd opinion!! I need some suggestions on help with this. I have arthritic changes with nerve pain at L5s1 going to feet down legs, severe. Thinking of getting married, but have these issues with pain! I need help!

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Hi there have you considered SI joint dysfunction? I had l5/s1 dyscectomy but was left with horrible pain in back and hip and leg and was diagnosed with facet joint degeneration and SI joint dysfunction. A pain consultant might be able to help you.


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