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Back Pain - Prolapsed Disc

Hi Guys

I hope you are all well :-) Sorry for the rambling at the start, my question is near the bottom of this message

I have had a prolapsed disc in my spine between L4 and L5 for at least 10-years. It only started to give me real problems in 2010 which escalated until I was in a wheelchair in 2012 with ALL doctors/surgeons refusing to operate on my until I became Incontinent!!!!!!!!

I present at my local A&E saying I had soiled the bed. I was immediately whisked to the local Neurological Centre and operated on (Discectomy and Laminectomy). After the operation the neurosurgeon asked me why I had waited so long to seek help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The initial operation was not successful and I underwent the same procedures again three weeks later.

At the follow-up appointment to neurosurgeon informed me I had "Failed Surgery Syndrome" which suggests it was their fault, but being the NHS it doesn't work like that.

I then had Radio Denervation in September 2015 and had 15 wonderful months pain-free before the pain returned this last January 2017. I went to my GP who was worse than useless suggesting I try Ibuprofen!!!!!!

I changed GP surgeries and the new GP had been great referring me to the Pain Service in February again for Denervation treatment, however the Pain Service in West Sussex is so over referred it transpired I would not be seen until July or more likely August 2017. This despite me being unable to walk, dress, self-care, or work.

I contacted the local CCG and liaised with them and the Pain Service and I was seen in May instead.

This is now where my question comes in. The doctor who carried out the denervation had informed me this is the only "management" of my condition! The efficacy of this procedure diminishes over time until they are no longer viable.

At this point what is left available for me? He stated he would then refer me to a Spinal Surgeon which could be anywhere in the next 3-7 years. During which time I will constantly be in agony.

QUESTION: Does anyone know of any procedure for a prolapsed disc in the lumbar region of the spine which is crushing the sciatic nerve that will stop the incessant pain that is available on the NHS or accessible by the NHS in a Private setting?

Thank you kind people in advance for any help you may be able to give

Kind regards


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I know nothing, im just the patient!

Im in the same boat mate..... A millimeter away from help! Thats what I was told last time I saw a specialist. They won't operate until it becomes worser.

I dont know what this denervation is?? I did have 16 root injections, which caused so much pain. The new pain from having a very angry nerve pricked 16 times. In one session caused so. Much pain, I felt no benefit at all. Apart from that, ive been offered no intervention.

I did get a letter from pain clinic 6 years ago telling me..... You will never be free from pain.... I have bilateral sciatica, a parvo cyst, facet n disc degen, sponolosis, fenosis, osteoarthritis on whole of spine, trapped nerves in neck causing numb painful hands n forearms,. Osteo knees n hips n hands/wrists.

If it wasnt for my slow release morphine and liquid morphine, id be bed ridden.


I am so sorry to hear this i have exactly the same as you started in January doctor told me it was a pulled muscle sent me off with co-codemol. Went back saw another doctor who couldn't wait to give me a sick note and get shot of me. Went back saw a medical student who was great and got me a MRI scan (had to wait a month). Got results from a different doctor who said it was a slight impingment on the nerve. Could not walk unaided at this point. Requested physio appointmemt. I had ten chiropractor sessions while waiting for my physio appointment. Went to physio and got given a zimmer and walking sticks did my Neurological tests and immediatly stopped all physio and sent a letter to my Doctor saying is was important that i got in to see a neuroligist asap. Got a message from the doctor that because i had refused to go to a&e (which i hadn't) they had sent an appointment request. Got the request to book the appointment myself. Went on line first appointment available was Aug 2017 so i tried to book it but the screen just said they would contact me by 21st June. Called them on the 21st and an appointment has been booked for Sept 14th so thats nearly 3 months wait. Called my physio back she was disgusted and said she would speak to her boss. Now have the phone number for my consultants secretary. So will be calling to see if i can get a cancellation.

I dont understand why we get treated so badly. Have worked all my life never been sick have always looked after myself. Yet as soon as i need help i have to fight for it every step of the way.

Once i have seen the neuroligist i will be changing doctors and complaining big time. Have never been made to feel like this in my whole life. Why do we have to put up with this unfair treatment.

I hope you get some relief soon too.

Good luck



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