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Wolf Parkinson white failed ablation

Went for arterial ablation yesterday but the cardiologist couldn't get my shortcut to shortcut.

So now I'm on the drugs which I haven't been on for 20 years when they discovered my wpw at 36 weeks pregnant.

I've been given flecainide which I had before and now adizem-sr but on reading the leaflet it says for angina or high blood pressure but I'm sure the consultant said they worked together so a bit confused. Spoke to my GP as I currently take a low dose blood pressure tablet (due to it shooting up every time I go to the hospital) and didn't know if I should carry that on?? Go was no bloody use so I've googled and ended up here ?

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Sorry about the late reply. I would have thought it'd up to your GP to find this out for you but as you said he's bloody useless and I tend to agree. If you haven't already got it sorted I would suggest sending an email or ringing your consultant secretary to pass on your question. I had a similar problem when my father was alive and I just called into the surgery and asked to see any doctor to ask a quick question so if you have more than one doctor at your surgery then this is also worth a try. X


Thank you for your reply.

I plan on speaking to another Dr at the practice to get some sense, hopefully the Dr who originally prescribed the blood pressure tablet due to white coat syndrome. I'm also going to contact the consultant too

The Dr I spoke to yesterday is rubbish and I won't see him unless I was on death's door (I'm not the only one either), but he is the Dr in charge following the good ones retirement.

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