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Pain on the back, shoulder and left hand

I have had major pain in the back of my shoulder blades which has eased in pain in the two weeks but I have thumping pain done my left arm and on the shoulder. Which worsen to the peak in the middle of the night and mornings, during the day the pain is at ease. The pain is so unbearable at night. Have I got anything serious to worry about?

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you need to be going to see your doctor. Its no good suffering like this and wondering what is causing it. please. make an appointment asap. all the best love grace xoxo


No don't worry I have had an op on my right shoulder that took 10 hours! Shoulders are very prone to the pain moving as the shoulders are spine neck connected and the nerve pain can move very quickly in places down the arm where you wouldn't expect I now have recently had my left shoulder done they have shaved and removed bone, muscle 3 months on I'm still in agony and the pain affects my other shoulder , neck , left hand it is unbelievable where shoulder pain can spread to but as grace111 has said call your doc and get stronger meds sometimes medicines don't help but it's worth a try !! Take care be well!


If the pain is mainly at night and in the morning that points to either the position you are sleeping in or your bed and pillow not suiting you. That won't be the underlying cause, but it won't be helping and could help point to where the problem is. Have you seen a physio yet? Many areas of the UK now have self referral to musculoskeletal services. See if your area does that, and if not ask your GP for a referral to physio.


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