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regional pain syndrome fibromyalgia chronic back pain , high white blood count of 13.4 red blood 9.2


Ive noticed from looking through my notes my white blood cell count has been 13.4 and red around 9.1 Ive been treated for anemia, i'm wondering if anyone else has had this , I am going to mention to my doctor tomorrow as recently a consultant picked up on it and wanted tests doing but I moved and forgot , thank you x

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I also have anaemia and getting treatment for it, chronic back pain, regional pain syndrome and conversion disorder. Conversion disorder, never heard of it lol. I am now in a wheelchair unable to walk unaided. Just been officially dismiss on ill health. I am unfit to do my job as a nurse. All this started when a patient fell on me one year and was attack by another the following year.

So I know how you are feeling

I am sorry to say this but conversion disorder (or somatization disorder) is a psychiatric condition. You say that a patient fell on you and I am sorry to hear that you have been attacked but how can a physical injury become a psychiatric health problem?

I don't believe that conversion disorder actually exists. I believe that it is a fob off, and doctors and the legal profession use it as a excuse not to help people with a very real underlying physical condition. I wonder why you have been told this and what the underlying motivation is?

If the accident happened at work you may be entitled to benefits and compensation, maybe that don't want to payout? Trust me, I was almost told the same myself and then I looked into it and my diagnosis now is completely different and fibroymalgia is a very real physical condition. I know this for a fact because I am walking and I am only walking because I had really good physical therapy and hydrotherapy. Talking therapy alone, wouldn't have helped me.

I know that everyone is different but even with regional pain syndrome you have to get the right, 'physical' treatment, the quicker, the better. Have a look at the website for the Royal Bath Hospital of Rheumatic diseases - they may be able to help you, they really know their stuff.

I am sorry that I seem a bit blunt here but it really frustrates me how conversion disorder is just a new name for hysteria and hysteria is a fictitious medical condition that has been used to oppress women for decades. Wiki states that the origins of hysteria developed, mainly affecting women as a 'wandering womb' theory. Therefore the cure was pregnancy, how ridiculous is that?

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Sorry, this may help:

hi, i have had fm for many years,i also am anaemic,i go on iron from the doc,but it keeps recurring,when i am on the rusty stuff (as i call it) i do feel better with less pain,but i can't stay on it for long because i am allergic to iron..also i have been told that with conversion syndrome the body doesn't convert the essential minerals that we all need into a useable substance.for instance i don't convert iron from my food,or seratonin in the brain so i have to take pills as a substitute.(as far as i'm concerned i think i'm lucky that they make a simple little pill that will help with my problems) i have very good doctors where i live so maybe i'm lucky that way too.

hi, thankyou both very much for your replys and hope you both have pain free time soon xxx

Thanks all. I saw the psychiatrist yesterday and talked about my childhood to now. She said she think my childhood problems is the cause which I disagreed. I said my philosophy is any happens to u in life that cannot change, get on with it. As a black belt in karate, the only problem I have is being in the wheelchair unable to walk or go to gym or playing football with my son. Although, understand that mummy is poorly which he sometimes ask to help me to massage my legs lol, he's only four. I had to pretend it's less painful but not really. I actually don't believe it's conversion disorder, I thinks the doctors don't know the cause or why it happens. It's just a lazy way of treatment

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