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Neuropathic pain

Has anyone tried cbd oil for neuropathic pain? I've just ordered some from Amsterdam. It had good reviews.

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Memory tells me yes there are people on the forum who have used it. As you say - with good results.

Of course the CBD has all the nasty bits removed so hopefully you won't get the 'highs'. You can buy it through a well known on line supplier who I mustn't mention!!

Living out here we are allowed to grow the plants. Only 3 per person and mine are still in the very early stages but hoping to get some flower buds! Makes a good tea or in cooking.. Chose a medicinal variety.



Hi Suzy. I have been taking medical marijuana since last summer as it just became legal in this part of Canada. I do prefer the oil to the bud form as it is time released. I use the Cbd during the day and the high thc at night with pretty good results. I have advanced OA and fibro. Just went through a total hip and knee replacement last year on the right side and they are starting on the left side this year. The Cbd does help with my energy and allows me to get stuff done (most days). I hope you have good results too.


Thanks for your response Ninas How do you take the oil. Is it by mouth and how often?


Hi Suzy

Yes I do take it by mouth. 1ml under the tongue. The Cbd oil does not give you that head high so you can function throughout the day. The oil is time released and will last 4-6 hours.


Hi, I have just started learning of this. Medicinal marijuana is legal where I am, but I haven't pursued it as I don't like feeling "high".

Is a prescription required to order the oil by mail?



In Canada you are issued a licence to purchase and possess it. Here your doctor will fax in a prescription to your choice of supplier and then you deal with the supplier. Your oil is then mailed to you. Very easy, just have to make sure to carry your licence. Unfortunately you can not cross the border as each country has their own laws.


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