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I wondered if any of you have had continuous troubles with your medical insurance taking your medications forcing you to gain other problems that are far worse because they don't want to cover your brand names and they want to immediately put u on generics that do not WORK! Generics don't work for me? How about you out there? Do generics do the job for you or do you miss your brand and know that something's not right?

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if it is the same compound in a different bottle/wrapper can you please explain to me why it doesn't work?


Sorry to hear of your troubles. I don't live in a country that does that thankfully. I feel for those patients in your country, which I guess is US? Yes I have experienced this and have also found variation in generics and will then request not to be given the particular generic that didn't seem to work. Would it be worth asking to try another generic if there is any choice for you? Pharmacists can be helpful with these things. Good luck with finding something you can afford.


Hi I live in the U.K. And I have had the same issue. I was on Meloxicam (Mobic) , slow release. GP changed to a generic brand and within a few days I was in agony. Years ago I was on a specific brand of HRT It was changed to another brand and I had problems. I can take Iboprofen but not slow release Iboprofen. I read somewhere that the drug is the same but the fillers are different. I don't know if that is the reason.


Hi yes the different reactions I had too were with slow release medication. From memory, I asked my pharmacist and they said something about these ones being processed or absorbed differently. So What you said about 'fillers' makes some sense.


Hi even though it is the same ingredients the expedient (how it is delivered) could be different. For example I am on symbicort and my surgery changed me over to the generic version Duorespmat coz it was cheaper. Ok it is the same ingredients but the particles were smaller. It left me feeling breathless so I had to change back to symbicort.

Many people are fine on generics whilst others aren't. x

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