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Unbearable pain

Hi I have been experiencing severe pain for years now but the pain is just getting worse and worse. The pain started at my right shoulder and has spread as far as my leg it also seems to be going into my left hand side now too. I'm on strong medication which only takes the edge off the pain. I have got injections, physio, MRI's, ultrasounds... you name it . I'm only 19 and the pain is really unbearable. Nobody seems to be able to tell me exactly what's wrong. Rheumatology told me it doesn't seem to be anything that they deal with and more or less at this stage to stop looking for an answer and start to learn how to manage the pain. Being referred to pain management. At the moment I seem to be getting treated blindly. I'm quite weak and very sore. Has anyone else experienced anything like this and what helped please?

Many thanks.

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Wow. I really feel for you having this much pain and disability so young. Opiates have helped immensely and a good doctor (like the proverbial haystack needle where I live) is invaluable. At least I was able-bodied and fairly healthy for first 52 years of life. Sounds like you haven't gotten a good diagnosis or prognosis yet. Try to hang on till you can get that. Maybe hopefully you can get better and have some good years while you are still young.

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Hi Disney. I wish I could make some suggestions but until you have a diagnosis it's hard to say what would help. While you are wa it ing for the pain clinic perhaps you could try some mindfulness meditation. It may some all a bit airy fairy to you but please give it a try. There are numerous free apps for phones and tablets. If you are interested msg me and I will make some suggestions.

It's helped me a lot and I am someone who tried to meditate when I was younger and hated it. These meditations can be quite short and are guided so don't think you will just be lying there trying to empty your mind . Far from it.

A Tens machine can help if the pain is in a specific place.

Good luck


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Hi there. Sorry to here about your issues. Can you answer a few questions .

Did you suffer an injury to your shoulder.

Do you have and mottling ( white dots )on your hands arms.

Is the pain constant or intermittent

Have you noticed any difference in your finger nail toe nail. Or hair growth.

Is the pain burning or do you have areas that are super sensitive.

Sorry for all the questions

Don't want to pointroduce you in the wrong direction.if you could try and list anything else even if it seems weird someone on here may have the same or similar and able to advise you further

Cheers dave

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Thanks for your reply.

I've never injured the shoulder. Occasionally I would get red/white dots on my right hand (the side I get all the pain) these would be sore and a bit itchy. The pain is constant but more severe at times. Sometimes depending on something I'm trying to do or others it just comes on. The pain is sort of like a burning pain and others it's like a stabbing pain that would take the breath off me. It's so hard to explain the pain. Recently I've noticed my skin becoming sensitive.


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