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Undiagnosed and misunderstood x

It's me again. Seem to join this site every now and then when my resolve is low. Pain at present is quite severe but have some new symptoms that you might be able to reassure me about. When l stand up l get shooting pain from the soles of my feet also very tight so painful running down the side of my foot.

When l sit down l get a sharp pain this time going up my spine from my cocycx.

At night when l lie down l get a tightness in my chest. Can't sleep despite the number of pills l take but can drop off during the day without notice which is a little unnerving.

I am forgetting words which have meaning in a sentence including peoples names. I know l have the answer but can't seem to find it to complete my sentence which is really annoying and a little scary. Still no diagnosis as such just query possible MS scribbled across my notes

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Hi Anne51 I am so sorry you are experiencing such pain at the moment. I have all of the things you mentioned and have a diagnosis of Fibro and RA.

Keep pushing forward for a diagnosis. If one doesn't help you go somewhere else. A s you you know it is possible to have more than one condition at any moment in time.#

I wish you all the best and hope you get a firm diagnosis soon. Take care

Ebony xx


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