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Failed fusion, leading me to get stimulator. Anyone else gotten the stimulator? Does it work?

I will tell you, this has been the most trying 4 year's of my life. I have never felt so alone, useless, and changed (without any control) in my life. I merely turned a cart at walmart and like that my life was changed. I guess for years prior I had issues just didn't know. When I finally saw a neurologist 8 months later (thought I just had pinched nerve) I found out I had degenerative disc disease. My L5 was completely depleted, to the point it had cause my L2,3,and 4 to slip over onto my sciatic nerve. I needed to have surgery L5/S1... from what I understood they replaced my L5 with the fusion, to support my spine, and lift my spine back up from the degeneration. Needless to say since this surgery this has only gotten worse and worse. Now don't get me wrong I do have some good days but not many. I miss work all the time.. because I am hurting so bad or exhausted from not sleeping from the pain.. it's a never ending battle that I live in. I feel like I honestly am trapped in this vice of hell that I can't get out of and I hate it.

During my last MRI to see where my back was now I was advised that I had three discs herniating .. and I would eventually need another fusion. Or I coukd get the stimulator put in to lengthen the time frame because I could become active on it.

I have a partner who wants kids (I'm only 33) , and he basically implies he doesn't know where he stands until he knows for sure.

I am thinking about now getting the spinal stimulator done, as I understand these can help very much . Any ideas how this works? Has anyone else had this put in??

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Dear kararc,

I, must confess, that I know little, or indeed nothing, about your condition. I DO know that you need time to find out about yourself- you definitely do NOT need someone who ONLY wants you so he can have children! If you TOLD him no.....I mean NO.....Would he still be with you.....and in five years time? If the answer here is, a definite 'Yes', then you have the right man............No didn't think so! Sorry kararc, and I KNOW that it's a hard (very lonely) call but your health comes first, it HAS to!

On the 'Plus' side you are, as you say, only 33, no doubt pretty/attractive (not necessarily in the 'Classical' way) and, once you give him the push/elbow, 'available'. Now I'm NOT suggesting that you throw your partner 'over', IF he is a kind/understanding person.......Just don't stay together 'for the sake of it/because you've know him years/ because........' Have I read this situation correctly? Reading this back, I'm beginning to wonder.

As it's still only January Happy New Year kararc

Warmest wishes




If you type in 'spinal cord stimulator' into the search icon, you'll get all the posts written about it. Lots of people have posted about them and sometimes I think that others don't want to keep repeating their replies.



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