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Chronic Shoulder Pain Update

Hi, well condition is no better.............spoken to my Dr. who was annoyed that they are not ale to refer patients for MRI's themselves..........however, he said that I will have to go through the stages of physio, and an ultrasound first before Orthopedics will even look at me. So now the waiting begins, waiting to see Physio's appointment.

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Sorry to hear this but yes unfortunately it's the process they send you down before a mri is considered. It's pathetic really. I done physio for 8 weeks then a wait for a ultra sound on my shoulder all which gave me no answers or even pain relief. After getting my mri results it's shows that neither of these would help. Hope your wait is not too long. I feel for you xx

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Not sure where you are. In the UK you will get referred to an Orthopaedic who can send you for an MRI. It is pointless seeing a physio as the damage cannot be assessed by a physio and thus you can waste your time getting the wrong treatment.

When I tore a tendon in my arm I had fluid build up which caused all sorts of problems. The MRI showed where the fluid was. The fluid build up could not be seen by physical examination. A physiotherapist cannot treat this by exercise. I got rid of the fluid build up by a two week course of erythromycin. Google "erythromycin anti inflammatory."

Hope this helps.


thanks for the info, I am in Highlands, and cannot access Ortho's till all other been tried. I totally agree with you and have said so to my Dr. who agrees with me, but his hands are tied.


I have had a problem with my shoulder since May I was referred for Physio I had it privately Made things worse Then XRay GP said arthritis I had a bursitis and asked for a scan I can't have an MRI as I have a spinal neoro stimulator implant GP said scan under 60 X-ray over 60 I was unhappy with this and said I would have it done privately He then referred me to an Orthopedic Surgeon who specialises in keyhole shoulder and elbow surgery The scan showed a tear in my roator cuff Saw surgeon in 3 weeks scan 4 weeks later saw surgeon following Waiting list about 3 months for surgery My Blood Pressure was very high when they were doing my pre op check so have started on treatment for that Expect to have the surgery in next 6-8 weeks BUT my pain has improved and I am now questioning whether I should defer or decline the surgery


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