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I'm new here. Pectus Excavatum issue

Hi I had a pectus excavatum operation 22 years ago and have suffered from chronic pain ever since. Is there anyone else out there who has suffered this long from the same type of operation. I am now struggling to work because of the chronic pain and have been on long term sick and will probably be dismissed on capability grounds. Not sure whether I will be able to get medical retirement as companies will try anything not to pay out. Anyone on here had success in getting medical retirement and what was the process involved.

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Not familiar with your operation, but I know people in the US who have been able to receive disability income by studying online application and medical record tips to make a convincing argument. The foundation here is establishing loss of function, meaning practical limitations, NOT just how much pain you are in. It also helps to have an attorney with special experience in this. I do not know the UK systems.

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Apparently the bar implant can cause pain for over a year. Here in the states I got my Social Security on the first try. I wish you the best.


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