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I'm new here my name is Ray Jenking i'm 20 and i suffer from a lot of pain on a daily basis. in September 2014 there was a tumor found on my spine which was removed through an operation. Later in November i has a second operation due to a damage on my spinal cord and it was leaking out my spinal fluid. After a very hard year and a half of recovery I deemed myself back to fitness and full health. In June 2016 i was a passenger in a car collision on the motorway at 70 MPH and ever since then i have suffered a lot of pain from my back, neck, ribs, hips and legs.

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Hello Ray and welcome on board

This is a good forum if you have any questions to ask although we can't make a diagnosis we do use our own experiences to possibly point you in right direction..

Many have a wealth of knowledge and usually soeone around even middle of the night!

Anything you wanted o ask or need help with? Or just saying hello? You can feel free to rant too. No answers but we understand how you feel.

Pat x

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