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Syringes VS Pre-Filled Pens


I'm new to this site and am not sure how things work around here :)

I was just wondering if anyone here has medication that is administered via injection and if you have tried pre-filled pens or syringes?

I currently take enbrel once a week via pre-filled pen, but as someone who hates needles to start with i'm not sure if this is the best option for me. The nerves i get holding it against my leg and knowing that one press of a button is going to spring a needle into my body is scary to say the least. Maybe syringes are better because i can do them at my own pace?

Any advice would be appreciated!

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Hi Rhian

Welcome to the site! I'm fairly new too, haven't even got round to introducing myself yet, I've just been lurking mostly and trying to help if I can.

As I am type 2 diabetic, I inject insulin now. I use a pre-filled pen but it isn't like yours where one press of a button springs a needle into you, It is more like a syringe, I have to measure the insulin to take, then I inject the needle in myself and administer the dose.

When I first started it I was very apprehensive, I thought no way am I going to be able to inject myself with a needle. But when I saw how small the needle actually was, and then the nurse did my first one to show me how to do it, I hardly felt the needle going in, and still to this day don't!

If you are scared of needles already, I'm not sure if you would be better off with a syringe or not, you would still have to hold the needle against your leg knowing you are going to have to put the needle in yourself, but I guess you could always ask your GP if you can try it that way.

I hope I have helped some, and that you get it all sorted out.



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Hi im in Scotland and o Enbrel also. I on only ever had it in injection form.

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Hi Rhianonymous

I take Humira with a pre-filled syringe but have also injected Enbrel and methotrexate in the past using pens and syringes. I much prefer syringes, I prefer the control I have, like you say with a pen you press the button and have no control.

With a syringe you can inject at your own pace (Humira stings if you do it too fast).

That said I have no problem with needles so not sure how relevant that is to you.


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Hi Rhianonymous I'm very new to this site and your message headline caught my eye. My hubby suffers from type 2 diabetes and has been using the pre-filled form of Victosa for ages now. It's quick, easy and works.


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