Am i pregnate?

Okay, so a month ago i quit taking my birthcontrol and i bled for a week straight afterwards. I had sex two weeks after that but he never came, (he cummed after the sex in his bathroom. ) but im still a little scared because ive been having cramps, im gaining weight, and my face is breaking out really bad. Is this just my body ajusting to me not taking pills or am i actually pregnate?

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  • To be on the safe side take a test, but I would of thought you was pregnant. But if u don't want to get pregnant, get your partner to bag, or you need to find a different type of contraception!!! Be safe please!!! I had a baby before I was ready, when I was 15 it was scary and hard work my mum and dad kicked me out, and I had to do it on my own with me boyfriend that I was with at the time!!!

  • hi if you boyfriend did not come inside you i dont think you are pregnant but take a test any way go see your doctor its possable that you stopped the pill to quick best to be safe let us know good luck xx

  • Pre-ejaculate fluid can still contain sperm and therefore the possibility of pregnancy is still there. Take a pregnancy test & you'll know for definite.

  • The sooner you find out the sooner you can sort out what options are available to you. If you are in a ongoing sexual relationship you need to sort out contraception. Good luck.

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