Keep smiling cos we must and never let the buggers get you down

Hi all

I'm a newbie to the forum and from my profile you can see that I've been a busy little chap putting myself through the mill.

I'm 69 and an ex serviceman ( Royal Navy)

I'm not going to describe my pain as I've no need to, you've all been there and know all the words to describe it.

I'm on Fentanyl and Amitripline and I can call the Fentanyl my life saver and I think you all know what I mean. End of dit

Regards to you all


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  • Welcome, John!

  • Hi John,

    Welcome to one of the best sites to be on for this "horrible" thing that medical science has invented. If you are here, then we all sympathise with you.

    There are daily/hourly posts, that then gets a long string of answers comments, but never anything negative, that is not allowed. We use 'pen names', but some know our names anyway, so sometimes they are used. This us the mostfriendly site I have ever been on (OK, that's a £5 each please !), and one that has given me the most information and support.

    Welcome, do never be embarrassed to ask anything, every question is a good question, no matter how often asked. We have great 'Admin people' on the site, who give links to sites, or paste recent guidance, thanks to them many times.

    Oops, must let others answer, so welcome and let us know how we can help you,

    Good wishes, Hayesider

  • Hello John,

    Welcome to the group.

    Best wishes,


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