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I have just been informed that my last two posts have been deleted.

I am totally baffled by this decision as I am sure I said nothing controversial or insensitive. In the first post I was offering some practical advice to the sufferer of Pudental neuralgie and it is a pity this is now lost for consideration.

The second post was addressed to Daniel in which I was trying to express some general points about how we all feel about dealing with constant pain and to share the emotions that I often feel.My intention was to offer some understanding of all concerned.

I thought we were all grown up enough to express our thoughts and helpful suggestions without censorship .

I think I shall be hesitating in the future to share my opinions on this forum which is a great pity.

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Hi Suzyhayes,

I didn't see your original posts so can't comment. Have you looked at the community guidelines link to see if you can identify where you went wrong? I thought you would get an explanation, but if not you could ask. After all, if you are not told where you went wrong how do you know not to do it again?


Apparently there was nothing wrong with my posts but I have been told that they were deleted because they were in the thread. It is rather annoying as I have wasted my time trying to offer support and advice to the person suffering from Pudental neuralgia.

I think this is much ado about nothing and an over reaction and misunderstanding.


In the first post, which was taken down by admin, the person that posted first had a 'set to' with someone who replied and it got a bit heated😤. But it wasn't Suzy! Then Suzy stated a new thread, I commented on it, explaining why the first post got taken down and that's got deleted! So perhaps it was my fault Suzy! If so, whoops! Sorry. 😂. Very sensitive on this site Arnt they? Lol

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Thanks for clarifying dtech. :-)


I agree. If we can cope with unbearable levels of pain surely we can deal with a few disagreements and heated exchanges without being chastised.


try not to let it get to you or stop you from being helpful as you left me a nice post and i thought it was really good of you and made me feel welcome on here.thanks for that suzyhayes


I saw nothing in your posts that would have given concern!


Hi all,

I realise it's frustrating when we moderate threads, but in this case I felt it was necessary to avoid fanning the flames of a previous thread that got a bit heated.

I've messaged those involved and advised them to either start a new thread on the topic of pudendal neuralgia (not directed at any particular poster), or use private message if they prefer.

As a general rule, we will moderate posts referring back to previous moderated threads so that everyone can move on and get on with what this community is really about. It's not about censorship, it's about making everyone feel welcome and safe here.

Please do keep posting. Thanks,



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