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Lyrics and butran patch

hi all, don't post here often but always read everyone's posts.

I had an appointment at the pain clinic today.

after sitting waiting for half an hour i felt my phone ring, looked at it and found a missed call from my consultant. Spoke to the receptionist to be told I was down for a phone consultation. Showed her the letter which did not mention this..... After she spoke to the Dr i got to see him.

I have been told that due to lymphoedema on my left side and the area of pain i have he is unwilling to do a nerve block.

I am on pregablin 200mg 3 times a day.

I have tried both amitryptaline and gabapentin with nasty side effects.

I have been told to try the 7 day patches based on morphine (low dose)

I have looked at the online data for the drugs and have only found bad side effects and the problems with driving

he is getting in contact with my Dr to prescribe, am not hopeful of getting something sorted soon......

is there anyone who is on this combination.

there was no mention of stopping one and starting the other, just a statement that I should not take opiate based meds while on it.

thanks for reading this, I have had a bad day, not that I have many good ones.

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hi daniel87,

thanks for replying.

I am on letrazol and have joint pain from it. I asked my consultant about pail relief for this if it got worse while using the patches. He said that as long as I did not take anything with codeine in or anything like it or things like tramadol then I would be ok. He said this was because the patches contained a very low morphine dose.


Hello Daniel

Could I just ask is Oramorph stronger than Butrans?. I 'm just trying the 10 mcg patch and getting some pain still. You seem so knowledgable about all these drugs I hope you don't mind me asking?. Misty.


I am on the patches and a strong co-codamol I have no side effects from the patches and have been on them over a year.

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Hi i also take lyrica 200g 3x a day also take codeine and am on the 52mc patch the patch I started around four years ago wAs a wonderful help to me for the pain I only had sleepiness and dozing for maybe the first week getting used to it but they have always been ok I think I'm just used to them now and that's why I take the other Meds I could go up in patch strength but am trying to settle my pain with the Meds i have I would encourage anyone to try a patch and persevere for a couple of weeks to get the benefits it's certainly working for me hope you soon get sorted xx

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