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Pain "main switch"

NIPS-led researchers measured the heightened pain response when mice with a leg nerve injury were poked on the underside of a hind paw with a fine filament. Simultaneous live imaging of calcium ions in the brain's S1 cortex showed that certain signaling pathways were activated in astrocytes, a type of cell that helps neurons. Certain signaling pathways in S1 astrocytes were activated and triggered S1 cortex rewiring, contributing to mechanical hypersensitivity (allodynia). Such astrocyte-mediated changes in the brain may provide new clues for novel therapeutic strategies for treating debilitating mechanical allodynia

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Wouldn't that be great! I'm not getting too excited yet though.....



As someone with 24/7 pain, yes it would be great BUT my immediate thought was did they also cause the injury to the poor mouse. I would sooner suffer my own pain than innocent animals be harmed.


That's a whole new 'massive' debate; I totally agree with you but the politics of it probably wouldn't be tolerated by the moderators!!

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Just read my mind , poor mice , wire us up see what it really does and how did the move get the injury? I'm all for moving forward with research but use us first. 


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