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Hi everyone,been to see my pain consultant today has I am getting worse with my chronic abdominal pain,(2 yrs 4 months) later been on a lot of differs drugs an managed my pain well up till New Year's Day was rushed to hospital with chronic pain just like the very beginning all over again.........they tried to control the pain which wasn't happening,told them my consultant mentioned tapentadol?? Bang straight on it with all my other drugs let's say it was a bad experience to say the least,the pain team came to see me and hit the roof I was near to being od so you can imagine my reaction when my consultant suggested we try this but obviously with taking some of my other drugs stopped ( the way it should of been done ) soooooooo I need to know how everyone has  got on with it before I even try to contemplate starting them ??? Sorry for this long drawn out explanation.really want to get back to how I was before Xmas which was almost managing my pain :( 

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Works great for me and have been on it a few years.  I take 75mg x5/day.

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have you had a clear diagnosis for your stomach problems as I was reading on your post and you haven't mentioned what is causing your problems,I to had terrible time but it was an abscess on my appendix,which needed emergency surgery,so it's really how medication reacts I was on a morphine driver press a button and hey presto meant to be pain free,I wasn't,so another older nurse suggest volterall suppositories and a drip with liquid paracetamol and my pain was reduced significantly,so you might have to try various meds,and don't get to down hearted I'm sure you'll get there in sorry that I can't help you on your medication but sometimes trying to get it right can be like going on a shopping expedition so good luck 🍀

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