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Up coming meeting

The next APPG meeting will be at the end of April, I should have the exact date by next week, meanwhile we need to gather some information for that and 2 other possible meeting so please respond.

Have you contacted your MP whether they replied or not please put 1 your name their name.

Have you done anything to raise awareness nationally put 2 your name what you have done.

Have you done anything to raise awarenss locally 3

Do you have a child that suffers from CRPS and is willing to tell their story put 4

Are you a sufferer with a child who is willing to say what it's like to live with a parent suffering from CRPS put 5

Do you want to speak about something put 6 and what you want to talk about.

Are you on your own and not working do your benefits excluding mobility come to less than £8562 Put 7

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