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back pain part 3

went back to the doctor to see what else i can do to ease the pain I’m in he said there is no more he can do because of my heart disease copd now he said I’m diabetic type 2 just to carry on with the pain relief I’m on I’ve told him I’m taking to much oral morph he said be careful he has also referred me to the mental health team who basically said get on and deal with it and if i feeling lower to phone them I’m just finding it really hard to understand why the pills I’m on don’t seem to work my angina is really playing up since they have taken me off some of my tablets nicorandil ramipril bisoprolol again I’ve ask the doctor for Pregabalin but it’s not available in my area {post code lottery} again if i lived in a different county i could get it i apologize if i sound like I’m winging but i nowhere to turn some of the suggestion i have read on here might help so I’m going to look at these to see what else i can do thank you for all you help in advance

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I'm really sorry to hear you didn't get very far with your doctor, and am surprised that pregablin is a post code lottery - I really didn't realise it could be. I'm afraid I can't offer any solutions but know that you are not alone, even if it does feel like it sometimes. Venting on here as you have been does help me, just knowing someone is out there and listening. I hope someone may be able to suggest some other avenue for you, lots of luck. My thoughts are with you x

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Hi, you sound as though your struggling with your health in general. If you feel that your angina is getting worse since changing meds then i think you need to discuss this with your docter so that he can keep the attacks less frequent. Unfortunately it doesn't matter what pain meds your on nothing will get rid of all the pain but it's given to help you to manage it. Try and focus on what you can do rather than what you can't and you may find that your not as bad as you thought you were. I know its hard to look on the bright side but depression on top of everything else is not a good combination. I know because ive been there and there is no way im going back to that dark place again. Plan a holiday or day out and have something to look forward too. Keep busy to keep your mind off the pain and worrying. X

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I'd say get in contact with your pain team to see if they can arrange an appointment soon or fit you in as an 'urgent' as a first strategy. Tell them what's been going on and ask for a medication review.

Are you using/been told/taught about non-medication management strategies? From gentle stretches, to light movement/exercise; yoga; pilates; massage; acupuncture; swimming; hydrotherapy; physiotherapy; tens machines; basic breathing exercises?

Lots of others on here can probably suggest more......

I so know how being told to consider those is not helping the pain 'here and now' but you perhaps need to be looking at your lifestyle as a whole now?

Medication is one therapy that is available but there are many others that can be very beneficial when combined together.

Unfortunately, opiates stop working when they're used a lot or too much. I understand the need for immediate relief but I think perhaps a medication review is what's needed.

I can't tell you what to take but I find alongside my Fentanyl patches, taking Paracetamol and separate prescription Codeine regularly as a baseline is helpful, also a regular muscle relaxant - obviously you need to get everything cleared/ prescribed by your GP.

I then use the 'work up method' of pain meds as my pain levels increase but there is no 'ultimate pain reliever' I'm afraid. Chronic pain evades them all!! An acute pain is different obviously but those kind of meds aren't available day to day for us!!!!!!!

I do hope you start to get some control over this soon. Keep us updated.....



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