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From Gp to A&E

First to go this morning regarding my cellulitis, only to end up at hospital.

Have pain in right thigh, new, my calf was swollen. He thinks DVT.

Got to A&E to have a long day. Blood tests, history. My history scored high so doctor at hospital said regardless of results of blood test they would treat me as if I have clot, till scan days otherwise.

Blood test did come back negative. So injection in belly, today, tomorrow and Sunday. Getting scan on Monday, unless they have cancelation tomorrow

Hugs Liz x

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Glad no clots so put your feet up and make the most of peace and quiet in hospital!!!

Brave you gentle hugs

Pat x


Thanks Pat x


Best wishes let's hope you get well and home very soon .hugs x


I must have mis-read messages. They are not keeping me in hospital. They let me home, I have to go in daily

Hugs Liz xo


Good news re no blood clots. You are in the best place for the time being. Hope you feel better soon and that they eventually find the cause of your leg problems. Take care, Lillian xxx


ohh liz you are going thro the mill and I thought I was bad iam still not right and not been out in nearly 3 weeks not good for me and being on my own does not help I hope you feel better soon and get care and attention you need....T


Take care Liz am I right in thinking you won't know if you have a clot until scan on Monday, I think it has got confused as your blood test was clear.

Whichever way it goes take care and get plenty of rest

Big hugs Sheryl


Hope all goes well for you & you will get some answers to your health concerns. Lv Jan. XX


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