Amitriptylin HCL 10 mg

I am an athlete and have trained all my life, eve though I have stepped back on training I developed chronic pain in the legs and I could not sleep for years.

Rest did not help me at all, it did not matter, if I took off a week off of training, I was still in pain.

After only taking this medicine for 3 days I started to notice a huge change. I am almost pain free!!!

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  • Interesting - muscles I take it - pain in? Sleep if aching joints as well as muscles helped with those beds that lift head or feet or both I found myself. Need a good Latex 100% mattress with it. And codeine. Tried Lyrica with it but made my legs swell up into balloon like creatures that hurt worse as thought they were going to split like sausages on the Barbie!

    I have found pain in my leg muscles mainly thighs - say its arthritis. Getting worse now.

    And joint beginning to play up a bit - those under control mainly with green lipped mussel extract from New Zealand. Used it since 1983 did leg in when serving in British Army. Saw in mag that Maori ppl never suffer rheumatism nor arthritis eating these as staple diet.Worked for me for years. Now think left knee which was main injury is about had it. Sea Tone brand. Tried others didnt have same efficacy.

  • Green lipped mussel extract and tablets from the vet put a spring in the step of our chocolate Labrador Buddy.

  • Did mine good too for many years around 40 or so but worn out past even the old green lipped - but they did the job since 1983 when first started. My GS x border collie rescue dog just needing them too. Vet here recommends them for dogs. Older ones Labs in particular get arthritic hips and need help - poor souls can only look at you with big brown eyes and hope. so glad yours is a happy chappy now.

  • Hurrah👏👏👏👏

    Wishing you long term success with amitrip.

    I find 20mg amitriptyline @ night before bed v effective at damping down certain aspects of my chronic pain syndromes and encouraging deeper rest. Been taking this for 4 years now...after decades of complex health probs despite a v active career and increasing debilitation. Have always been big on lifestyle management, but have learned the value of the right pharmaceuticals since 2011 when the NHS uncovered my infant onset lupus diagnosis and put me onto systemic treatment. Am 62, feeling generally less pain than I have since my early 20s. Just spent a week walking in the hills. Felt like a miracle

    So I can relate to your delight!!!

  • Im pleased for you I am on various pain killers for all my chronic pain I was waking up during the night with pain and im now also on amitryptilin at night it helps me emencilly dont wake up anymore

  • I was on this years ago. It works. I slept better and was pain free. I had to stop taking it,because it started to make me itch. I am on a pain batch now. I got sick last night, I threw up about 5times. I took it off what to do. Drama

  • Just a might want to try 1/2 a patch and see if you can tolerate it. As you adjust to the new medication, slowly use more of the patch and increase medication for better pain control. I hope you feel better! Good Luck!

  • Not sure how old you are. AS one gets older muscle control starts to deteriorate. One of the problems of muscle control deterioration is that you damage the body's structure with the result that you cause pain.

    Sleep has an effect on muscle control which in turn causes pain. So an interesting effect. Pain interferes with sleep quality which in turn reduces muscle control. The loss of muscle control causes more pain.

    The converse better sleep results in better muscle control which results in less pain.

    It may be time to consider changing what you do to keep fit. Many athletes have to retire from athletic training at some point in their lives. Have you reached that age yet or not?

    Hope I have been helpful.

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