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Simple question...anyone tried one with any good effect?

Before you all start googling it - tray like device where you put your feet on and it wobbles sending electric currents up your lower legs. Seems rather like a TENS.

Not cheap to buy although VAT free and some good offers around. But would like any input before I decide

Ian Botham advertised so must be good!

Pat x

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Sorry can't help on that one Paton, but let us know how it goes if you do buy one, sounds like it might help my feet and legs. x


Thanks Katie. Done a fair bit of research and reviews are good but always good to have first hand input.

Think I will be brave and go buy one.

If it doesn't work will be selling it on Ebay!

Pat x


Hello Patc

It is an Electro Muscle Stimulator that tones the feet, thigh towards the knees.

I think they are sold by JML although I am not sure, they are shaped like a round frisbee. Try Boots or Lloyds. Although you can order them from the television.

Possibly you may be able to get your VAT back



Is it the one sir Ian botham does the ad on TV for ?


Hi Pat

If it's what I've seen in magazines. They look worth trying. But when I suggested one to a telephone friend of mine she said she couldn't use it because she has a Heart condition.

Now I bought a Juvent machine second hand from eBay some years ago, which is for Osteoporosis. One stands on it and it vibrates. Meant to stand on it twice a day for about 5 minutes. I've been on it once to make sure it worked, but daren't go on it again in case I upset any part of my sensitive system. Coward Am I. But I'm not going to sell it as I will start using it one day.

So I would say go for it . See if any offer a try it first basis.

Rose x


Hi Pat

Just watched a review on You Tube. Man using it for his leg cramps in night. And Rivitive works for him. In fact the only thing that has worked for him as he's tried everything else such as potassium quinine etc etc.

Looks good.



Thanks Rose for both replies.

Yes David had a look at a video to see how it worked. It is the nasty pain in his calf muscles that he wanted it for. A bit RLS but not. Everything is due to his broken back and I thought this machine might at least help one bit of him.

OK you have given me good feedback so will go find the best deal. Might even be good for me if u ever sit down long enough to use it!!


Pat x


Hi Pat I was looking at this but I was told because I have varicose veins I can't use one, there are some medical conditions why you can't use them it's always best to get medical advice first, I wish I could have given it a try.

Good luck and hope it works and helps with your pain

Hugs from Sheryl


Thanks Cheryl - interesting point and something i hadn't considered.

It's OK though it's for David. He's the CP sufferer - I'm just the 'put back together when he has bad patches' carer.

Will check with his GP on Monday when we see him.



Ian Bothan would have got money to do that advertisement - absolutely no guarantees that it is good. If it is expensive, and its not advised by a doctor, then I'd give it a miss.


Of course he would! That's why I came on here to see if anyone has used one and with any success.

Asking GP on Monday but they haven't always heard of alternatives to drugs. Last GP didn't know what a TENS was.

David is a Yorkshireman so he and money don't part company too quickly!


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