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I've always suffered with migraines due to stress, but now I've started developing real problems with my back, I get so much pain down my lower back, syatic (not sure how to spell it) nerve, and in my bum, like when it happens if walking I have a limp and have to stop because of the pain. I also get a numbness or tingling in my fingers once it happened and I literally couldn't feel anything was getting dinner out and burnt myself but didn't realise when I did so, I do also suffer with fibro myalgia, just wondering if anyone else experienced this as well? Have had an xray just waiting for results

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I too have lower back pain and associated sciatica. It literally is a pain in the butt! Hopefully, the X Ray will help to diagnose what the problem is and then inform a treatment plan.

I hope that you have mentioned the loss of sensation in your fingertips to your GP as that is causing an obvious risk to you when performing daily chores. Please use oven gloves and really think about what you are doing before you do it. Easier said than done, I know.

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The results from the x-ray could well show nothing. You need an MRI. An MRI scan will show the relationship between bone and tissue. X-rays do not.

Stress causes tight muscles. Tight muscles inhibit and affect blood flow. Result migraine. Learning to improve muscle functioning may help.

Things to improve muscle functioning are yoga and Alexander Technique. If you have underlying muscle spasms that need to be un-spasmed then something like McTimony chiropractic will be helpful.

Muscle spasms cause pain and discomfort. This is what you may be suffering from at the moment. Even if that is not the whole problem a reduction in the problem will improve the quality of life.

A muscle spasm in the neck or shoulder can pull a vertebrate onto compression of a nerve root or other part of a nerve structure with the resulting loss of feeling. Not quite as simple as that.

Hope this helps.


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