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Sorry about the header ,but I want to draw attention to the real culprit (as I see it)

I watched a program recently about so called Obese patients and how there must be a correlation around use of these drug's for pain and depression, and I wondered if they are self- perpetuating , one causing the other and what comes first, (the chicken or the egg sort of thing) and it's about time some research was done around this area as these drug's companies have no incentive to research something that is self perpetuating , a cash-cow if you will.

I say this as these right-wing media companies are roped in to do the bidding of pointing the finger at these poor Obese individuals, as I watched recently on Channel 5, as at every step to get her to Hospital, a price tag was added to each item and I wondered why they were doing it as this poor woman was certainly not happy, and to just blame people this way is not right, as it is more a symptom of the modern world, and if these programs are (kindly) to educate, or as I think , an arm of the gov't, sorry The Tory party, well at least the,' hang them and flog them brigade, as these media companies are just too cosy with this gov't, or is it that they use them to drive through policies, policies about cost, and worthy, and who is costing what' sort of thing, and before we know it, the people watching these programs are nudged into looking at our NHS in a way , a sort of, American Insurance led Health service fashion, meaning changing the philosophical slant of how we see people, i.e.' in purely financial terms, and doing away with the Humanity involved with looking after our sick and dying and eventually our disabled will be seen more and more in cost values , instead of the human condition as a whole, for we change our NHS at our peril, or at the peril of loosing the NHS values as it is now, for I see this nudging by these companies are all seem to be going in the same direction and I wonder why ?

What do you think ? as we are those that they are pointing at, but why don't they point the finger at these drug's companies, or at least as equally as they do to us, the sick and disabled

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I think the drugs have a lot to do with the weight issue. I was put on antidepressants and anti epilepsy drugs to control my migraine and I put weight on. I wasn't worried at the time as the meds help stop the pain. Now I can't get of the drugs and my weight has ballooned . I keep thinking I shouldn't have taken the drugs but I was in so much pain.

So if it is the drugs then the big drug companies should foot the bill.

The finger pointing should stop, I'm not fat cos I like being fat, I hate it, but it's not just as simple as eating less, if it was so simple we would all loose weight and never be fat!

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There is more to obesity than eating the wrong food or too much of it and no one is trying to find out what it is. It is just another way to demonise and divide people. The Government and media (all the same) see obese people as an easy target along with sick and disabled people they are seen as more likely to be claiming some sort of welfare and are seen as not being "hard working" as this government likes to keep saying. This of course is not true as many people in these situations are hard working and perhaps more so as they are also dealing with their lifes difficulties and pressures differently and are more likely to be poor. It is all very divisive and done to keep everyone in their place (class wise).


These are good things to think about and I'm sure big pharma does like to milk the cow. For example, They are minutely changing the recipe for antidepressants so they can call them new drugs and repatent them for pain or obesity etc.. BUT to be fair, research does cost money and who will pay? Government used to Commission our top universities then hand away the research for free so big business could benefit now they make the scientists find their own money....around we go but when the wheel stops someone still has to pay! 😳

I was at the Cheltenham science festival on Tuesday and listened to an Oxford professor talking about beneficial bacteria. She told this compelling story about a woman who was hospitalised with a life threatening infection. They persuaded her to have a FECAL transplant. She agreed but said she would only have her daughter as a donor. Two days after the transplant her infection had cleared but a month later she had put on so much weight she was becoming obese like her daughter! Wow! The professor said this was cutting edge stuff. I say thank goodness for science and research....😃

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Yeah Boozybird, I think the bowel bacteria is fascinating and I'm sure more will come of it. I can understand the connection with sugar. I do have a sweet tooth that I give into now and then. Every time I do indulge I either end up with migraine or abdo discomfort. So I don't think our bodies can deal with sugar, I'm not surprised the scientists think it may be one of the culprits that is changing/upsetting our bowel flora.

In another life I would like to be a scientist, ha ha!


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