Smelling smoke

Hi all

Please do t think I am bonkers , it the last 6 months I have stared to smell smoke , but no one is smoking , I have never smoked , I live alone so there is no smoke in the house

It is getting real bad , Iit comes and goes , it is so strong it is must like some one standing to me puffing away , I hate it , I hate the smell of smoke , it is so powerful , I have to put so lavender oil on my top and just hold it to my nose , it happens day , night , no pattern to it , it can last for a few seconds to a few hours , driving me. bonkers ! , got enought go dealing with living in pain

Any help out there ,

Has it happened to any one else


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  • Hello painwhyme

    Nice to meet you

    You have just brought back some memories of when this happened to me

    I remember someone else posting about it and me replying

    It was just as you describe it happened for a few months about 6 months ago and just disappeared .I don't smell it now at all .

    Maybe use the search box to see if it happened to others and what they did

    Oh I love lavender too

    Take care

    Love squeak 🐷🐭xx

    Ps it might be worth a mention to gp xx

  • Nice to meet you

    Thank you

    People think you are bonkers ! When you tell them

    I will look through the posts

    Many thanks


  • Hello Painwhyme

    How extraordinary. I was gooing to offer various logical reasons. Pub next door with people standing outside smoking. Bus stop. Then Piggysqueak said she has experienced it too.

    Now I am very curious! I do know smelling toast is quite common.

    Let us know if you find out any more.

    Pat x

  • Hello

    You will need to talk with your GP ASAP, regarding this,

    Are you suffering any problems with your arms ??


  • Hi thank you for replying , I do have a lot of pain in my arms , but put it down to my degentive disk problems that I have as it effects , ams shoulder, legs

    Why do you ask


  • Hello painwhyme

    It is always a good idea if you smell smoke to have it checked, it can possibly, not all the time to be stroke, I hope I am wrong here, I asked regard arm for same reason as weakness can be a further sign as facial problems, down one side

    You really need to understand I am not a Doctor or Specialist, just an ordinary Joe public. So take this as just a general enquiry on health. Your GP IS THE ONLY ONE THAT CAN GIVE ADVICE.


  • What kind of problems? I have numbing sensations in fave & arms with this

  • Thank you for your advice , was going to tell my Dr but as I have other things to deal with , you tend not to say about things that are not as bad

    I do thank you for comments , I will ask my GP

    It did say on Google that it could be serious , so I will look it to this a s a p

    Many thanks


  • This can be a symptom of a few medical issues. I am glad you are mentioning this to your GP. :)

  • Hi! My wife smells smoke with some migraine activity. :)

    It's very important to get this checked out, as I had learned this symptom can be caused by several different conditions. Good idea to mention to your physician soon.

  • This is something you should report to your doctor. Olefactory hallucinations (smelling stuff that isn't there) can be a sign of some other completely different disorder.

  • GREAT thread...I've never heard of olfactory hallucinations...but gosh: could be I've had one! The year before I was finally diagnosed with systemic lupus, after an adult life full of classic lupus symptoms, my hands smelled like burning electric cables....a sort of plastic burning smell. It was AWFUL! I was being seen at a lot of nhs clinics back I mentioned this to my gp & consultants: they all blanked me! So much for the drs I encountered being alert to this kind of symptom....anyway, I had plenty of time that year to test what this smell was about: I checked if my so so or moisturiser were causing it etc etc...but nothing fit

    Anyway, finally a brilliant v lupus experienced rheumatologist diagnosed my lupus and then my mother admitted I'd been diagnosed as an infant & teen, but she never told 21 I moved to the UK where the nhs began dealing with my typically multi system symptoms, gradually diagnosing secondaries until my late 50s when I'd become so debilitated that finally the lupus got recognised. That electric burning smell disappeared almost immediately during my first few days on oral meds for SLE. I told my drs this had happened: again they blanked me....interestingly, they still reserve comment on this...although, since my lupus re diagnosis, I have had the very greatest attention from all the clinics monitoring my various chronic my experience this ole factory business may not be something all drs understand

    As it's turned out, my hands, feet & head are especially affected by simultaneous Raynauds & erythromelalgia...and I'm being closely watched for vasculitis. My feeling is that those conditions may've been contributing to my weird burning smell

    Thanks for posting your ? and getting this great discussion going, painwhyme!

  • Hi, I too have experienced episodes of smelling strong smoke (when definitely not there:)). Hasn't happened for a while, but is another one of those mystery things that no-one has been able to explain along with intermittent numbness of tip of tongue and shoulder which drops down significantly then goes back in place of own accord until the next time. Had arm ultrasound on Saturday and despite swelling and pain on inside of elbow and long-standing nerve pain / freezing of hand and discolouration of limb they saw no abnormality of arm muscles or nerves - which is disheartening as if found something maybe could do something effective but it is as it is (neck and back pain too). Would be really interested to hear if someone gets an answer to smoke thing :)

  • I smell smoke and it can be quite strong at times but I have been putting it down to the people in the house next door ( now made into 3 flats) smoking, At times I have been ready to go and have a go at them, what makes it worse for me is that I used to smoke but never upstairs always in the kitchen or outside, so It is driving me bonkers. I never realised it could be anything else but the people next door.

  • Hello D,

    Hate to say this but it sounds like a dillusion. Having suffered from pschosis myself a few times and have read psychiatry with the openlearn organisation. My suggestion is to see your doctor and ask if you can see a psychiatrist. Hallucinatory aspects of perception cover smell along with sight, hearing and environmental disturbances like dust affecting the mind. It could be that you need a tiny amount of a tablet from the anti-psychotic list. It is no joke having these disturbances of perception. As with physical complaints it can happen to anyone. I had a friend who began to smell horribly and it was horrendous which was probably my sense of smell working overtime and was part of a dillusion.


  • Hi, whilst I totally accept disturbances of smell can be associated with delusions it can also be associated with a number of other medical conditions -not all psychiatric in basis. As said though guess a worth a visit to GP.

  • I have very similar experiences. When I am stressed or otherwise under pressure I too smell smoke, burning and similar odours where none occur. My wife assures me that there is nothing burning and that she can smell nothing unusual.

    I put my phantom odours down to to the fact that I live with chronic pain and have extremely poor mobility. I am terrified of being trapped in a burning building. I think that this is why my brain focuses in this way.

  • Hi painwhyme

    You are not bonkers unless I am too!...........I can smell smoke in my nose at all different times with no obvious reason or pattern, although I do suffer from anxiety. I saw an ear nose & throat specialist who looked up my nasal passages with a camera and said he found nothing wrong, but said he dosent know why I have this problem. I may have to re-visit my GP to get it looked at again and hopefully diagnosed correctly.

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