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How painful is CRPS

It is accepted as the worlds most painful incuraable condition by the McGill Pain Index but I have always said that unless you have it you cannot possibly understand just how bad it is, but now you can. Please take the time to watch this video and carry out the experiment, now try to imagine if that pain lasted 24/7 for the rest of your life, then remember this is only one of our symptoms

Help spread awareness by passing this on to everybody you know.

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You have found the perfect video to show anyone and everyone who just dosn't get it !!!!!!

I showed my daughter (21) and she went very quiert . I think she was shocked what we go through to deal with the pain every day .


My pain specialist is always asking for info like this to help him explain to families what CRPS really feels like. Jackpot !

Now he can and so can I and anyone else who asks what it is.

Thank you thank you thank you, this made me very happy


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