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nerves fiber ending damaged?


I have problem when I sit down, when I sit down even for 2 minutes the entrance of the vagina will start burning also the urethera.

and in the morning when I wake up, I wake up without the burning but when I go to toilet and I use water to rince so the burning will start in the entrance of the vagina and doesn't stop, also I can't wear underwer,tight trouses,no jeans, I wear just dressess or skirts, the area become hypersensitive.

so now I can't sit down.

I saw Pain Consultant and he examined me because we were thinking pudendal nerve entrapment but after the examination he said he thinks it's nerve fiber ending are damaged.

does anyone have smilar problem,nerves fiber damaged or nerves fiber ending are damaged?

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I don't know exactly what mine is caused by, but that pudendal nerve pain is not nice at all. Hope your pain doc can do something about it for you. Mine is a bit too intermittent to treat, and just part and parcel of a whole lot of wonky nerves I have to put up with. Sounds odd, but pressing just inside the front wall of the vagina seems to stop mine. I think thats kind of where the so-called "G" spot is, which is a bundle of sensitive nerves, so that figures.


Believe it or not it could be coming from your back. My friend had really bad pain in his privates and it was coming from his back. Hope this helps you. xxx Mitzi


I have an issue with my pelvic floor muscles, they are what most people would dream of! But as they are contracted by default a few problems arise. I hold on to urine and even though I have the urge to pee, I often cannot go, plus vaginismus. It is often extremely painful to have sex. The muscles being constantly contracted or spasming is painful in itself. But Your problem does sound extreme. You could ask for Gabapentin and/or Baclofen to help this. I also have severe nerve pain in my lower body despite having plif last August. The op was a success as I can stand a bit and can walk without having to sit down every few metres. So my pelvic floor has not been my quacks' priority for me but I have got a referral to gynea, which I could not attend as I cannot guarantee my mobility levels from day to day unfortunately.

I am prescribed Gabapentin (which for months I refused) now at an increased level to1800mg per day and baclofen 30-50mg a day to relax the muscles. I am also prescribed amitriptylline which I rarely take now as they knock me out for too long. Baclofen and Gaba would probably help you. But I find Gaba Very hard work and are alarming when first taken! Quacks insist I take them as they are the most effective so far, but I could not work on them. However I find I appreciate 'feeling' things more like warm sunshine, cool breezes, being in water, exercise, stretching and ect. So really enjoy swimming, dancing and painting and gravitate towards enjoyable activities instead of necessary ones, like cleaning and bills and often forget things. I find I am a bit more open and sociable as a result which is great. But my house is a mess, I am poor, have dumped increasingly abusive partner of 9 years and have done some interesting art! But I am no longer constantly aware of pelvic floor contracting and can attend to my activities instead of not daring to try things.


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