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Self-management tips from Pete Moore

If you’re stuck in a rut with managing pain, our Pain Matters magazine’s new columnist Pete Moore is the man to ask for tips. Send him your problem or query at

Pete is the co-creator of the Pain Toolkit and has a wealth of experience in self-management training, but please note he is not able to advise on medications or medical treatments.

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May I be bold and add a suggestion here please?

I hear all too often how spouses and families of CP sufferers are finding it hard to understand their loved ones conditions. The anger of those loved ones, inability to do what they want or used to do, the hidden pain, effects of drugs etc.

There are support groups for sufferers and yes families are often encouraged to attend but it is hard foor them.

Is there anything anywhere which can offer a shoulder or ear to those who look after or live with CP sufferers? I have learned, if that's the right word, over 20 years of how to cope with David most of the time. But there are still times when I feel alone.

Pat x


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