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Pelvic nerve & bone pain due to cancer - how to manage?

Hi - I've got a 2ndary bladder cancer tumour in my pelvis that is into the bone & pressing on a nerve that gives me constant pain in right buttock, so have to sit leaning left. Currently on about 4 tramadol a day (+ 6 paracetemol & 3 ibruprofen) but while this works, feel it's a "general" solution and there must be a more tailored solution. If nothing else, I'm 41 and enjoy walks to the pub with my wife, but obviously can't drink alcohol now, which, sounds bad, but is a big knock to quality of life. Any ideas?

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You should be able to be seen by a pain specialist to make sure that you are getting the best pain control possible. You are right - there should be a more tailored solution, and thats what the pain specialists are there for.


Hi Matt,

I broke my back in 5 places 2.5 years ago I am now taking Fenantyl 62 mcg patch. Its time release have to put a new one on every 72 hours. It is working great still have some pain but Iife is manageable now. I have bad L5 S1 pain down both legs, right side being the worst.

Only bad thing about the patch is you can't take a hot shower or hot bath, if you increase your body temperature to much you can absorb more from the patch then it won't last 72 hrs.

You can take warm showers or bath's and you may need to cover the patch.



Hi I also use Fentanyl Patches as I have disc problems and RSD they don't take all the pain away but they do help

Take care


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