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Shift over

Hi well thats my 1st shift over after getting my Patch on Tuesday and to my surprise I am not tired or sore whereas when on my usual Cocodamol 30x500mg. Once home and a wee bite to eat and a coffee and I then popped some more pills then went to sleep for at least an hour .

So far this new Patch medication is working as its reducing my pain though not taking it away altogether .Sam

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May it continue. Nothing like strong coffee and a nap.


nedd after work today I need a really strong coffee. Sam.


Hi Sam

So pleased the patch is helping to reduce your pain, my patch doesn't rid me of pain either but I know when I've dropped my dose down my pain was worse so for me I think all I am going to get is pain reduction not it gone totally I really do wish it would go away though.

May your pain remain reduced with the patches & you are only on quite a low dose after all so it can be increased if necessary.



T would be good if the pain would Sod Off. Even for an hour.

Dream on I suppose.

Wishing us all a peaceful weekend.

Gentle Hugs coming you way.


nedd Hi thanks for that . Hope that te weekend is good to you. Sam.


teddybear Hi after work today I think that I will need to make an appointment in order to see my doctor and increase the dose above the 10 mi that I am on at present as it does not seem to be strong enough. Sam.


Pleased to hear the patches are working. Congrats on getting to work! Hope you have a good weekend and they keep on working. Ann


superannie Hi after work today I find that I am in a wee bit pain I will see my doctor on Wednesday and ask if my Patch strength can be increased. Sam.


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