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Always in pain

Hello, I am colombian and come to London once in a while and have found it so difficult to deal with pain specially here where I can not get strong medice for it. My legs and hips always hurt to the point I can't even sleep, nor be sitting for more than 10 mins. Pain is getting worse and I find it difficult to walk because of my feet aching all the time and it is even painful to carry a simple bag. Please if someone could help me with tips or something to make it easier I will really appreciate it.

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Usually when I travel to another country, I take enough medication with me to last for my whole visit. I never rely on being able to get further supplies in another country - especially pain meds, as you can easily be seen as a drug-seeker if you go to a doctor who doesn't know you to ask for strong pain relief. I make sure I have a letter from my doctor stating what medication I am taking and why as well. On one occasion when I spent six months in another country and couldn't take everything I needed for that length of time, I took as much as I could, but made sure that my doctor had written a really clear letter that I could show to a GP in the other country. They were happy enough to then prescribe something similar for me - bearing in mind that you can't always get exactly the same medications in every country.



I do not know what you would need to take for your condition, generally you can go into a chemist and ask for paracetamol/Codeine mix or something similar the Pharmacist will keep you right.

If you need something stronger you will need to make an appointment with a Doctors Surgery, you will register as a foreign National and they will issue a Private patient script that you will take to a chemist. There will be most probably a charge for the appointment and prescription. Also you will need to pay for the medication. If a chemist can sell a medication that you generally take you will just pay for the medication

If I were you I would initially discuss requirements with a chemist first

Hope this helps all the very bet Christmas and New Year



Hi, Do you have a diagnosis? You haven't mentioned anything but I think that's the place to start. You won't be able to get strong pain-killers in this country without it. You will need either documentation from your Doctor at home or to get diagnosed here, I can't see them giving you a prescription for strong pain killers without it. I don't suppose you have a prescription from home with you? that might help speed things along .I would imagine your Embassy would be able to get the process speeded up for you also, have you been in touch with them? Anyway, I hope you find a solution.


It is difficult for anyone to treat you unless you know what is wrong with you. You could try acupuncture or aTENS machine that you could buy from a chemist


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