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Qutenza Capsaisin patch

Hi folks, Read recently in Pain Journal of this NHS approved medication, has anyone had it/them yet?? It is a 'patch' that has to be applied by a 'medical practitioner' due to its potency and has a effifacy of 3 months before needing replacement. A patient can 'wear' up to 4 patches to affected area. The cost to the NHS for these is considerable so I don't suppose they will be readily available. I am certainly mentioning them in my forthcoming consultation, although, I recall some years ago trying a 'Capsaisin patch' for 3/4 days use which frankly, very near burnt the skin off me and copious cold showers were required to cool its effect. Given this reaction, these longer lasting patches may not be suitable for me - but if you don't ask!

Quote from NICE guidelines:

Qutenza® patches cost £252 per 280 cm2 patch. Mean treatment areas in clinical

studies suggest that two patches per patient would be required. In addition,

administration costs will be substantial, incurring a tariff cost of £229. Total cost of

treatment is estimated at about £735 per application or £3,000 per annum based on

minimum treatment intervals.

Will this be yet another 'stab in the dark' at finding the majic nectar to ease my unrelenting pain I wonder? If not me, It may prove useful information for someone - good hunting!

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But it could be £3000 a year well spent if it means prescribing less other drugs for patients. Does NICE say anything about which patients might benefit from it?


Hi, You will note from my other replies, this medication has been deemed as unsuitable , for me anyway. You were right regarding the monetary aspect though. take care


I think it's angled to post herpetic pain (shingles). I saw an article too. Certainly would be more convenient than rubbing the cream on, mixing it with E 45, using latex gloves to apply, repeat 4 hourly!

Ironically, I was diagnosed with shingles - again - today ! I thought the red slap mark was from my recent use of capsaicin. I'm still not convinced it isn't. I'm on the horrible aclovira and feeling lousy !


You are right! I think it was an article on 'Shingles' that I read of these but I'm sure it stated they would be suitable for 'anyone' suffering from chronic pain. I was right too! My previous encounter with similar patches counts me out - or that's what my consultant thinks - so back to the drawing board - looking - looking - looking. take care


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