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Have anyone here been on the above medication before it was red card and withdrawn from the market.

The reason I am asking is that Merk the medication owner,I think has become settlements in America and Australasia . Do not get your hopes up the settlements seem paltrry at 1500 US Dollars, and that contains a muzzel order.

I heard this from a news source a little roundabout.

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  • Hi Bob. I can,t find Vioxx in the British National Formulary, That is the Drug Book used in the UK by the Medical Profession. The drugs come under different names in the USA . I will ask my American Cousin. Kind regards, Moggiemay

  • Hello moggiemay

    I was on this one quite a few years ago now and it was red flagged, the problem was it only left one other medication of the same type, I am on that one now so If I loose this one will have problems with my medications. The report was on an American newspaper on the net. The medication was a COX 2 INHIBITOR .There was a big stink about it at the time

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  • Hi Bob, yes I was on vioxx for a few years before it was taken off , I was then put on to something else that was also taken off ,I cannot remember its name.I think it was heart problems that both of them were said to cause. June

  • Hi Bob, I took vioxx for a long time. I've ended up with meloxicam via others such as Celebrex which also did a good job. Shame they kill people. Shame they can't sort out the problems with these meds. They worked for a lot of people. :(

  • Hello Boozybird

    Will remember Meloxicam, for possible change in future

    All the best


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