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What works for you?

I read a lot on hear about treatments/meds which have not worked and it may be that those who have been successful, do not seek out websites like this. However, I would be interested to hear about what has worked for you. I know everyone is different etc etc but there might be something I haven't tried which I could talk to GP about.

Thanks, Mary.

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Hi ,thank you boozy for that useful post.

I find being as active as I can and a positive attitude helps the most,obviously there are times neither of these work lol. I do use a yoga brething technique which i find helps and also a lot of aroma,be that incessense sticks , a nasal stick or oils i rub in ,for me these help a lot. I also have a pain gone pen that if applied correctly can help for a while. Best of all for me is a stroll outside noticing all the plants,trees ,birds,and breathing in the air :)

best wishes



Thanks Boozy and Jan. I just have the feeling that I am missing something- that there is something out there that will help. I'm slowly worsening but for some reason I remain optimistic. Mary.


We seem to be back to the issue of acceptance...I too, have this annoying sense of optimism and that i just havent found the answer but sadly, denial isn't just a river in Egypt! The evidence in my case is elusive to say the least... :0


I suppose it depends on you and your pain a fair bit.

Medically-wise, I've had relief (but not a cure) from a combination of physio and botox injected into trigger points in some muscles. No other medical or complementary medical treatment has been anywhere near as good.

Self-help-wise, heat packs applied to the painful bit, reading as much as I can about pain so I "know my enemy", writing a list of every little thing that helps me feel better in the throws of a flare-up (from stopping to have a cup of tea, to taking pain relief tablets) because unless I write it down I won't act on it until it sprials out of control, exercise. Doing whatever I can to ease things gives me some control over a situation that at times has been overwhelming.

And acceptance that this is how it is, it has got better, but it isn't going to go away. I can't explain how I got to that point, it happened when I was ready.

There's nothing wrong with optimism.


Thank you tea. Another very helpful post.


Hi, I have found that tai chi has been a great asset, also pregabalin, agrees with me so far. I walk quite alot, where possible , not too much , just two or three miles, about three or four times a week. Keep positive, Good luck.


Positive attitude helps. Swimming is nice. Splints, hot bath, capsicum cream occasionally, good company, happy mood (whatever makes that happen),


Hello a positive attitude, good support and medications that work

Relaxation techniques, swimming, I agree rowentree

All the best



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