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I have chronic shoulder pain but find relief from upward pressure on my shoulder. I also have neck problems. I am thinking that a truss, support or brace would help but I need to find somebody who can give specific advice, and only if necessary, custom make a product. If you go on the web everybody has a ready-made 'solution'.

Does anybody know of an organisation - commercial or otherwise - proving this service? Even non UK.


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  • I got a leg brace fitted through the Orthotics Unit at PRI, all done through my GP. The staff there where brilliant, am now on a open appointment with them, which is good, anyprobs with the brace, quick call to them, all sorted.

    It's a really good service.


  • A physio would be the best person to advise on use of braces. They can make rhem too.

  • hi i have severe shoulder pain and waiting for an op,first left one then right one,a brace is not a good idea because you would soon lose all movement in the joint,i find a cold compress under my shoulders helps as it reduces the inflamation,ask your gp to refer you to rheumatology in your local hospital,they will help

  • A brace unless fitted with the utmost of care will throw the neck out. The neck has a number of reflexes which control the tension in the arms and legs. This could make your situation worse.

    Lookup the treatment manual of fitting braces. Does it mention the neck reflexes. I suspect that it will not. Things tens to fitted according to body mechanics rather than what spinal reflexes do.

  • Hello

    Advice from a hospital source, pysio would be the way to go, you say that it is shoulder and neck is your problem it would seem you may had a whiplash, although I am not qualified on this a doctor is the one to see, he will arrange possibly an occupational therepist here.

    A brace should only be used if really needed,it can cause problems as it will restrict movement

    All the best


  • Hi

    Thank you for your answers. Of course I have discussed with my physiotherapist and others but more and more I wanted to find a specialist in this field. I have two problems - neuropathic pain affecting the shoulder and neck problems which I have had following an accident 13 years ago.

    Best wishes


  • Hi,

    I also have chronic neck and shoulder pain from an accident 8 years ago. I would be carfeul of shoulder supports/braces as these can limit movnent. In turn, this can lead to increased stiffness and possibly an increase in discomfort/pain. Have you tried shoulder strapping? This is normally completed by a physiotherapist. Strapping involves using tape (often micropore) to support and re-align the shoulder but does not limit movement. If this works you can get taught how to put this on yourself. I work in health and I have taught this to patients in the past which has offered pain relief. I use imtermittently also with success. All the best.

  • Hi

    I used this several years ago. I think my physic thinks he can do things with massage/exercise etc.

    My main thought was pain is MUCH less when horizontal - i.e that there is no downward pressure from the weight of the arm. So if I could get my arm weighing zero then there would be relief.

    As I often say - I can live with restricted movement - but get rid of the pain!

    It looks as if our situation is similar; I will send you a private note and perhaps we can compare our stories.

    Kind Regards


  • I have shoulder and neck problems too and have often thought a brace - or a straight jacket(!) - to keep everything in the right place would be good. But when I jokingly mentioned this to my physio she said it would restrict the movement of the bits that really needed to move and would prevent the proper movement of the things that aren't working right.

    Physio is helping me though. The last couple of times she's applied some special tape which stretches the muscle and inhibits the "wrong" movement and encourages the "good" movement. It ached the first time but was much better last time. I also have exercises to do which probably do better than a brace, given that the body moves and doesn't like being static.

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