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Have a diagnosis still not sure what to do with it

Has anyone here had a diagnosis of being hypermobile leading to early onset OA, then a further diagnosis of having Hypermobility syndrome and Fibromyalgia. My G.P ten years ago came up with a diagnosis of B12 deficiency until my thumb joint was subluxed, changed docs 4 years ago, he decided I was suffering from depression which was the the cause of sleepless nights, so many strange symptoms I thought I was crazy at one point. Hospital consultant and pain clinic have been very thorough but my G.P says he doesn't have correspondence from them, ignored advice from pain clinic and messes about with meds. Feel sometimes as if I go round in circles.

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I wish I could change GP and go back to my previous one - but I live outside of the area. In fact I wrote to my old GP Surgery to ask if I could go back, but can't. My GP of 22 months has NEVER examined me. Finally after seeing so many Consultants and another 11 month wait - now see a Rheumatologist - whew has actually partially diagnosed my condition I have two conditions one fully diagnosed now :)


Change doctors, speak to the surgery manager explain your health conditions and ask which gp would be better suited to you, general practitioners are exactly that but you tend to find they have their favourite subjects


From what I understand, hypermobility will cause early arthritis just because there is much more movement in the joint.

Fybromyalgia is mainly pain in the muscles, so is a completely unrelated disease. Except that because the joints are more flexible, the muscles have to be more flexible to accommodate the movement. Therefore are working harder than normal and will be prone to more pain. FM does produce strange symptoms and can affect odd parts of the body too.

A good rhematologist should be able to work out the complexities and help you. As for GP get another one and as loopylou says, check them out beforehand. Lifes bad enough with disease and pain without having a GP who messes you about.

Or try alternative therapies, treatments etc. They have varied results and there's a bit of trial and error to find some that suit you, but they have a wealth of info from all the other people they treat. Might as well make getting better fun than worrying about whether GP is doing his job right.


I have a diagnoses of Benign Joint Hypermobility Syndrome/Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (Hypermobility) after many years suffering pain. I would advise you to get some information from the Ehlers Danlos Syndrome Web Site re EDS Hypermobility. You will probably need to have your Aorta and Mitral Valve checked by a Cardiologist as these are sometimes affected by EDS Hypermobility. See Best of luck with your hypermobility journey.


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