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The next meeting of the SE Wales Ovarian Cancer Support Group is


at Churchill's Hotel, Cardiff Road, Cardiff, CF5 2AD

11:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.

Please ask for us at Reception or find us in the Bar

for more information please ring Annie: 07545 144700

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See you there xx


So glad we made the trek to Cardiff for the support group. Had a very enjoyable time, who said 11 to12.30??? Lol. Wish more had turned up as Annie and Chris work hard trying to get a support group going.

Thank you girls


Jean xxxxxx


Dear Jean

Thanks so much for surprising us today. It was brilliant of you both to come. You should have seen me jumping up and down with excitement when we got your first phone call. What a shame your sat nav took you the scenic route round Cardiff! At least you'll know where we are another time.

The time passed so quickly and there we were still chatting at nearly 3 o'clock. It's always like that when we get together. I meant to invite you to my house afterwards but had to dash as I had the casework appointment. Perhaps next time?

I do hope more women will join us. It's great to get together and we always have so much to talk and laugh about. I knew you'd like Chris's rectum story. I laugh like a drain every time she tells it.

Loads of love xxxx Annie


Didn't really want to leave at 3pm. Lol

Lots of love

Jean. Xxxx


I had a great time, the time just whipped past. I could hardly believe it was 3pm.

It was lovely to meet you Jean and Griff, Annie and I will try and get to see you when you are up to visitors after surgery...promise we won't tell the rectum story and make you laugh.

I have included Martin in my profile photo now as he is so patient, I'd have run away from me if could have last week, I was like a bear with more than a headache LOL.

We will be thinking of you on 14th, it'll be a breeze.

Take care

Chris xx


Fantastic photo Chris. Martin is a star but he does need to come on my grocery shopping and cooking course. lol

Let's go down and visit Jean. We know where she'll be in the ward - in the Naughty Corner! lol xxxx Annie


What a lovely long morning/afternoon we had. Did you see Angela on the 6 o'clock news? Singing on the Hayes it looked likel

Can't wait till our next meeting. Would be nice if a few more could make it we have such a lovely time.

Speak soon

love Chris xx


I didn't watch the news but might be able to see it on catch up TV to see Angela singing. I did get Martin to find the programme with all those batty old people .... and we laughed ourselves silly. Now you know I have a very naughty sense of humour and you've given me ideas .... ha ha


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