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More Press coverage

Hi everyone , hope everyone is well ...

Well another gd week of raising awareness , this time for the refusal again by the SMC to use Avastin in Scotland , This time it was for 2 of the biggest newspapers in Scotland .. The Scottish Daily Record and The Scottish Sun ... , i was reading in the Daily record today that they have such a huge response to the story about the outrage that the people of Scotland feel about not having the same rights to these drugs ... and the report this morning regarding the new drug for breast cancer they have found that works similarly to Avastin and gives the patient an extra 6 months onto their lives , that's fantastic news and i'm all for advancements in medicine for any cancer but i will be sitting waiting with baited breath to see if the NICE pass this one ... would love to hear everyone else's thoughts on this xx

P.S i've posted the link below ..

Sharon xx

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  • Good for you Sharon. I do think you should be told exactly what these "exceptional circumstances" are.

    It will certainly be interesting to see what the NICE decision will be regarding the breast cancer drug.

    Long may you continue to be a thorn in the side of the SMC.

    Love & best wishes

    Mary xx

  • Hi Sharon,

    Thank you so much for the link, you are as always on the ball lots of love x G x :-)

  • Hi Sharon,

    it;s a bloody cheek.I was born and brought up in Glasgow but now live in South Wales so it wouldn't have made any difference to me where I'd been diagnosed the outcome would have been the same.

    We have started a campaign here, my AM hasn't replied to my email yet, I wait with baited breath.

    Keep it in the news, I will be contacting our local newspaper soon, waiting for Annie to get back from hols to plan our attack.....look out Cardiff.

    keep up the good work

    Chris xx

  • It is so unfair, the inequity of provision in the UK. Well done for bringing this to the forefront of the news, Sharon. You're doing a great job

    Love Wendy xx

  • Hi Sharon

    Hope you manage to get Avastin. Keep up the good work. Maybe you need to go to the Scottish Parliament like Una did in Ireland. If you do I wish you the strength to put your case.

    Best wishes

    Hilary xxxx

  • Well this is devolution folks. GREAT! A postcode lottery of haves and have-nots. Well done Sharon for all your work on fighting for equality in Scotland. How this rings in my ears here in France where Equality is one of the three principles of their governance.


  • Well done Sharon - you're a real campaigner, what a star. Good for you getting some focus on this iniquity and inequality


    Sue xxx

  • Thanks ladies , Hope everyone is well .. Sorry i haven't answered sooner , i was taken into hospital yesterday with a high temp 38.5 and as u ladies know while on chemo that's not gd , turns out i have a chest and urine infection ..I'm finding chemo this time more difficult unfortunately and its only at the beginning .... but back to the matter in hand , I would love to have more backing up here but until that happens i'll carry on regardless ... its so unfair that the SMC aren't approving this drug in Scotland and someone has to do something to change this so if i can do even just a little bit to keep the pressure up on them , hopefully others will follow and we might get somewhere .. I have actually now got the backing of quite a few councillors and MP's up here so a meeting while hopefully be arranged soon to see what we can do next ... x

  • Hope you get over the infections quickly and am so impressed with your campaign, it's fab, lots of love Amanda xx

  • Thanks Very much Madz ... i just think its terrible what the SMC are doing , so the harder i can make it for them to sweep it under the carpet , the better .. the public need to be aware this is happening x

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