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The Department of Health's Be Clear on Cancer Campaign

The Department of Health's Be Clear on Cancer Campaign

Please have a look at the initiative running in England with the Department of Health to raise awareness of Ovarian Cancer.

Given the four charities involved have a UK-wide remit I wonder what is happening in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Have any of our Ministers of Health have been involved? Anyone know?

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As a post-script. I've just taken it upon myself to email the Minister of Health in Wales to enquire what is going on and will publish the reply and any follow-up actions. xxxx


Dear All,

Just to say that this campaign is a pilot in 3 networks. It is running in Thames Valley, Yorkshire and East Anglia. Some networks are focusing on specific geographical areas in their network, others are more broad.

Each network is using various mechanisms for delivering the message, and afterward their will be an analysis to see which methods worked best. After that it may be that they will commission a wider campaign, but it is not at all certain.

For more general information see here

More specific detail is here:



My point Louise, is that four UK-wide charities are involved in this pilot. I would like to know what has been done by those charities to liaise with the regional assemblies. A pilot is not representative unless it covers aspects relevant to Wales, Scotland and Ireland.

Perhaps you could explain.


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