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Anti cancer diet

Hi everyone. In a follow up to my recent question about weight gain (in which I recieved lists of wonderful advice) I noticed that quite a few answers mentioned following the anti cancer diet. I wonder if someone could enlighten me as to what this entails? I'm aware I skills be eating lots of fresh fruit and veg but is there anything else? Got to get a grip on this weight thing asap, I'm getting bigger by the minute! Lol. Love, Lisa x

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Sorry for the mistakes, couldn't see the keyboard over my enormous stomach. Hope you got the gist. Lisa x


O poor you! I think there has been a post recently about the Anti-Cancer diet book, which I think was in a blog. I'm sure someone with a better memory than mine will remember :-o Or you can type it into the search box on the blogs page.

Good luck

Love Wendy xx


Just found it. It's a blog called "Amazing Book on the crucial importance of diet and lifestyle. Hope it helps. Or there is a lot of info on the Penny Brohn website.

W xx


Also there's a well known book called "Anticancer A new way of life" by David Servan-Schreiber which makes for excellent reading. Can be found on the usual sites such as Amazon. The author I think survived for over 15yrs after his cancer diagnosis.

All the best.


also chris Wollans 'how to beat cancer' book and his 'rainbow diet book'. can be found on the website - loads of links on the website also. xxx


Hi Lisa,

Yes - I wrote the blog on the David Servan Schreiber book called 'Anti Cancer - a new way of life'. It's not so much a diet book with recipes to follow and such, but it explains why and how certain foods help, and others hinder. It talks a lot about the 'terrain' that cancer needs to grow - which is 'inflammation', and explains how to reduce inflammation in your body - ie. the 3 main causes or inflammation are white flour, dairy & fats, and stress (don't quote me on that - I've now given the book to my mum!). It also tells you about certain foods which are amazing at boosting your natural immune system such as broccoli and green tea - some foods boost the efficiency of your 'natural killer' cells (to target cancer cells) and other foods can encourage cancer cells to self-destruct (part of the power of cancer cells is that they don't do this, which normal cells do). It goes through what tests have been done and how conclusions have been arrived at, and also addresses the big question of WHY it's not common knowledge and isn't advice freely offered by your medical professionals - namely because it takes between 500million£ and a billion£ to get a drug through all the tests required to go to market (which is a hell of a lot, but worth it as a drug can make this back in one year!), and who would spend this on tests on broccoli? You can't patent broccoli!! If your inner 'terrain' is 'anti-cancer', then for prevention and discouragement of the growth of cancer, it all seems to make a lot of sense.

So anyway, rant over, but it's hugely interesting!! So much in there to make you feel positive, and make you feel that you can fight back!

Hope that helps :-) x


Ignore the "dairy & fats" being part of inflammation - they are NOT! Lying in bed last night I remembered that SUGARS were the other one! So white flour, sugar, & stress - think that's now correct without the book for reference :-)


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